Chris Madden Dinnerware

Chris Madden Dinnerware is very fashionable, as are the rest of her designs.  I simply love Chris's message of "turning home into haven".  She does a good job of that by sharing expert advice and knowledge of home decor, along with the passion she puts into each design.

You have probably heard about Chris Madden on television or through home interiors magazines. The Oprah Show featured her as the first design correspondent and she hosted her own show for several seasons on HGTV.

Over the years, her designs and furnishings have been featured by Bassett Furniture, Mohawk Home, and JCPenney. Recently, she re-launched her brand with Idea Nuova. I can't wait to see what comes of that.

Publications by Chris Madden

Chris Madden has been editor, contributor, or columnist in several magazines including Showhouse Magzine, Departures Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Self Magazine, American Homestyles Magazine, and Your Good House Magazine, among others in addition to be the author of several books.

She has also been featured in the press with articles about her in New York Times, Fortune, Baltimore Sun, Parade Magazine, USA Today, and CNN/Money.

Chris Madden Dinnerware and Designs

Chris Madden is known as a stylist and fashionable designer. She's been compared to Martha Stewart, but honestly, her designs are so different from Stewart's, and much more realistic in my eyes.

Although designing dinnerware is not Chris Madden's sole endeavor, the dinnerware sets that she has designed or endorsed are beautiful and very practical.

Possibly the most popular Chris Madden dinnerware pattern is the Corvella pattern. I really like it, along with the Felice pattern.

I think it's elegant, but not over the top.

A bit fancier is the Chambour dinnerware pattern. I love the red version. It would make awesome dinnerware for a Valentine dinner or to use as Christmas dinnerware.

I'm anxious to see if Chris Madden introduces more dinnerware patterns in her mission with Idea Nuova.

Right now the buzz is that they will be concentrating on bedding, curtains, throws, and decorative pillows, which is wonderful, but I would like to see her design more designer tableware and dinnerware patterns. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Chris's decorating style is something that I can relate to.  Her designs and ideas are practical and doable, which is what I really like.  She has a way of creating beautiful surroundings without going over the top. 

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