Dinnerware Manufacturers and Premium Dinnerware Brands

There are many dinnerware manufacturers and dinnerware brands on the market today.  Dinnerware sets range from budget-friendly to high cost, depending on the material and skill that is put into them.  

In general, high quality dinnerware is a bit more costly, but it is usually worth it because it has a longer life span.  Budget friendly dinnerware, in most cases, is made from a cheaper material so it won't last as long, but it in itself has its own benefits.  

If you are looking for notorious brands of high-quality dinnerware or budget friendly dinnerware to accent your decor, you might want to look into the following brands and dinnerware manufacturers.  

What is Your Favorite Dinnerware Brand?

Please share with us your favorite dinnerware manufacturer, brand or pattern. Uploading a photo would be phenomenal. Tell us why it is special to you!

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Saxonia Candy Dish 
This piece has flowers in the middle of the dish with gold trim around the edges of the dish. It sets up on 4 small legs.

Style Eyes by Baum Brothers Tuscan Floral Collection 
Style Eyes by Baum Brothers Tuscan Floral Collection This pattern is what I am looking for. Any assistance would be appreciated. A neighbor was throwing …

my favorites Not rated yet
My everyday dishes are Pfaltzgraff "Filigree" pattern, an all-white plate If I were to get china, my favorite picks would be Gien "Pont aux Choux" …

FIREKING-Alice from 1945-1949 Not rated yet
I just live the feminine feel of the design and I love the shade of green that it is . Angie

Tabletops U nlimited  Not rated yet
TTU-R6002 girasol

mepoco ware Not rated yet
blue and white swirl, futuristic

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Choosing Dinnerware Manufacturers

When it comes to choosing a favorite brand or manufacturer of dinnerware, I have a hard time. The dinnerware choices are so vast; it makes it hard to choose. I have used many brands by many manufacturers in both casual and fine dining sets. Some that I got chipped easily and I can't remember the brand. Overall, I have been happy with every dinnerware set that I have owned.

What is important is choosing dishes for quality. Some types of dinnerware are more durable that others. In fact, some are designed to last a lifetime while others are created more for value. Dependent on the use and care, you might have to replace dishes after a while.

In my experience, I have found that casual porcelain dinnerware is easy to take care of.  Ceramic dinnerware is ideal for decor purposes but it chips and scratched easily. . Most stoneware sets are long lasting.  Corelle dinnerware is possibly the most durable, but very reasonable in price.

There really is a lot to consider when buying dinnerware.  I suggest that you look for a style that you like and then review them for quality when choosing between patterns.  Always consider how the dishes will be used, the frequency of use, the ease of clean up, and storage options.

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