Shopping for Dinnerware Dishes by Origin or Style?

Dinnerware dishes are made all over the world and some people have a preference. Personally, I am amazed by English dinnerware.  I married the son of a lady that was a war bride from England.  We visited his family in England on our honeymoon and, of course, we went shopping for dishes. That is when my passion for dinnerware began. 

American Dinnerware

American-made dinnerware selections include both vintage dinnerware patterns and modernly produced dinnerware, some of which have become collectibles.  Here are some popular dinnerware companies and brands that have featured American-made dinnerware:

Dinnerware made in USA is an excellent choice at any rate.  A word of caution, some dinnerware brands that were once made in the United States have sold or transferred the production to other companies, so a little research is necessary if you want to ensure that the dinnerware you choose was actually manufactured in the USA.   

Asian Dinnerware

Asian dinnerware is somewhat different from other origins of dishes because of the way Asians eat. Rice bowls, soup bowls, sauce dishes, and Saki cups are somewhat standard and chopstick rests are an added touch.

Saki carafes and tea serving dishes are also popular in Japanese dinnerware along with sushi serving dishes. If you love to cook oriental style, this type of dinnerware is a must.

Chinese dinnerware is great for serving oriental dishes. Also, the country is well-grounded in the artform of ceramic and porcelain design and creation and is a favorite of dinnerware collectors.

English Dinnerware

My husband had precious memories from time spent in the country and he actually took me there on our honeymoon. He purchased me a Royal Albert tea set in the Moonlight Rose pattern while we were in London. I just recently completed the set of china and I love it. Next I'll be looking at serve ware.

English serving is so elegant to me. Even tea time feels like fine dining. The Englishmen are more hospitable than Americans, at least in my experiences.

French Dinnerware

Personally I don't have much experience with French dining, but I hear that it can range from fine dining to buffet style.  There are many companies that produce French dinnerware and it can be fancy or quite casual. 

France-based dinnerware companies include:

German Dinnerware

German dinnerware is beautiful and practical from the casual dinnerware sets to fine china.

Some popular German dinnerware brands and producers include:

Indian Dinnerware Dishes

Indian dinnerware can range from pottery dinnerware hand-made by Native Americans to fine china selections from India, or designs that depict the cultures.

These choices make up excellent selections of dinnerware that is original and can easily complement your decor.

Italian Dinnerware

What I know about Italian dining is that Italians love to eat and I personally love their style of cooking.Tuscan dinnerware style comes from a region of Italy.  There are many manufactures of Italian dinnerware and Tuscany dinnerware.

Mexican Dinnerware Dishes

Authentic Mexican dinnerware is bright and cheerful. It is great for entertaining guests, decorating a kitchen or dining room, or serving luscious Mexican dishes.

Talavera dinnerware is a popular form of Mexican dinnerware along with designs that look like Mexican tiles. This type of dinnerware is really a work of art. 

Polish Dinnerware

Polish pottery is stylish and much in demand. It is very colorful with busy patterns.

Stoneware is popular in Poland and antique porcelain dinnerware sets made in Poland are also attractive in setting the table.

Portuguese Dinnerware

Earthenware, stoneware and ceramic dinnerware are often made in Portugal. The patterns can be casual to elegant. There is also a market of porcelian dinnerware that comes from Portugal

I love the colorful, hand painted versions of dinnerware dishes that mimic patterns of tile. They are great decorative items for a Spanish-style home.

Check out the Portuguese dinnerware that is readily available along with topics that might be of interest:

> Dinnerware Dishes by Origin or Style
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