Looking for Certain Dinnerware Patterns?

Most people like to choose by dinnerware patterns, especially if they are matching sets. For instance, if you want Royal Doulton fine china, you would search for a pattern, like Old Country Roses. It is the world's best selling china pattern. For something more casual, you might like the Carmina pattern.

If you are looking for a particular pattern, but don't know the name, pattern identification services can be useful. Once you know the name of pattern, it is pretty easy to find dinnerware sets or replacement pieces on the internet.

If you are collecting dinnerware, it is best to consult a collector's guide to learn all there is to know about the pattern, including time and place of production as well as back stamps.

Here are some of the most popular and best selling patterns of dinnerware today:

Favorite Dinnerware Patterns and Pattern Identification

What is your favorite dinnerware pattern, and why? Tell your story and post photos to show off your collection.

Need to identify a pattern? Post pictures and maybe we can help!

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Ambiance Collection By The Shore  
Basket shaped bowl with sea shells on the front and handles on both ends. White with light brown on the 3 dimensional shells and basket weave sides. …

"Tea Party" by Culinary Arts 
I've been searching the last 7 months for this Culinary Arts pattern "Tea Party". I can't even find a picture of it on the internet. The name shows up …

Identify the set on your page 
Please tell me the name of the mixed pattern set on your home page. I love it!

Sakura Porto Blanco 
Need replacement dinner plates. Is this pattern still available? It is plain white and very simple. I love it.

Dolce Toscana  
Missing 1 of each piece cup bowl plate got broken in the move would really like to replace it love this set

222 Fifth Eva Opulent Blue 
PTS International makes/made (supposedly current from 2013 to present) this gorgeous pattern & color, but I can only find bits and pieces of it, no dinner …

Pavillion Dinnerware made in Portugal 
I am trying to locate "Pavillion" Dinnerware made in Portugal. HORCHOW carried the pattern for only 1 year and has now discontinued it. I have called REPLACEMENTS, …

Casafina Seventeenth Century Blue Dinnerware 
Can't find this pattern any where help? I need several dinner plates 6 cereal or ice cream bowls. Thanks. bevlauck18@gmail.com

Green Willow by Royal China 
I have a 12 place settings of the willow pattern by Royal China in the green color and the creamer/sugar bowl, tea pot, serving plates. I'm not able to …

George and Martha dinnerware 
My mother had a set of George and Martha Washington dinnerware, a 12 place setting I think. I am looking for information on this pattern, any information …

I'm looking for service for 12 (48 pcs) of this pattern. Thanks.

Martha Stewart Garland Moss 
My friend would like some teacups and saucers. I want to purchase some and I can not find them! I can be emailed at: urbancheryl@gmail.com

Savoy Ambiance Collections 
Need to find 4 dinner plates! :)

Have a very full 8-piece Royal Albert English Rose dinner service, c 1940 Canada. What is value? Is it saleable?

Alfred Meakin Celedon Green Pheasant 
I have 4 dinner plates, any idea of value

Holly Christmas 
My sweet little mother has a plate and mug from this pattern. I can't remember but I think it was a gift. She uses it to decorate at Christmas but is …


acacia romancing provence - foit main pour - USA/France - Hand Painted 
I bought nearly $1000 worth of this pattern in 2004 and 2005 and need several replacements. I can't find it anywhere online. Can you help direct me to …

Gibson Elite Bella Garden Dinnerware 
I love this flower pattern featuring 4 different flowers! I bought the plates and bowls at a store, and then the store ran out of these dishes before I …

Martha Stewart Everyday Black White French Scallop 
only have cup left after military move, love this set wish i could find it again...

set of four stoneware salad/dessert plates, Sakura Inc. 
I am interested in purchasing a quantity of the cups called Water's Edge Style #GF154X2X4HB You can email me at jsr@lhinn.com

Garden Trellis by Noble Excellence Not rated yet
I need 6 coffee cups w/saucers and 3 cereal bowls

"Ting" ....and Never A Ding! Not rated yet
"Ting" by Royal Doulton, was my 'everyday' choice when I married in 1976! Hard everyday use raising 2 nutty boys and all their friends...embossed white …

Sakura Sonoma  Not rated yet
The original not the second series is what I am interested in. I bought a lot of the extra items in addition to the dishes when it first came out, such …

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Roosters Not rated yet
Love them

Vintage White and Blue Fleur de Lis Not rated yet
Hi, I found the most charming set of ceramic dinnerware at our local thrift store. There are 16 dinner plates, 12 cups/saucers, 4 fruit bowls, and 12 …

Strawberries Not rated yet
I am a 37ry old mother of 2, and growing up my mother had a Strawberry theme in her kitchen. Instead of going with today's trend of apples, roosters, …

Debbie C Not rated yet
I have a set of dinnerware ive had for 20 years and bought it at an Antique store. It has this info on the back. Nasco, Hand Painted, La Paz, Japan. Does …

French Countryside Not rated yet
It is a beautiful, elegant set of dinnerwre. Can be used for casual or formal dining. I have had it for almost 10 years. I would love to add to it. …

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Other Popular Dinnerware Patterns

  • Alentejo Novo by Casafina
  • Alentejo Uvas by Casafina
  • Alhambra by Casafina
  • Allegro Blue by Dansk
  • Amethyst by Denby
  • Amethyst Stone by Denby
  • Antica Roma by Gibson
  • Antigua by 222 Fifth
  • Apple by Franciscan
  • Arabella by Mikasa
  • Arabesque by Dansk
  • Arabesque White by Dansk
  • Arctic Holiday by 222 Fifth
  • Arise by Gibson
  • Aruba by Gibson
  • Arvada Sand by Dansk
  • Ashford by 222 Fifth
  • Atlanta by Royal Doulton
  • Autumn Waves by Casafina
  • Avenue Square - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Azure by Denby
  • Azure Coast by Denby
  • Baking Days by Spode
  • Barcelona - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Basso Blossom by Calvin Klein
  • Basso Stoneware by Calvin Klein
  • Belize by 222 Fifth
  • Biscotti by 222 Fifth
  • Bistro Bella by Gibson
  • Blue Italian by Spode
  • Blue Stencil by Calvin Klein
  • Blue Willow Dinnerware
  • Brasilia by 222 Fifth
  • Botanic Garden by Portmeirion
  • Bouquet - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Buena Bistro by Casafina
  • Butterfly Meadow by Lenox
  • Café Blanc by Dansk
  • Caramel by Denby
  • Caramel Stripes by Denby
  • Cargo from the Calvin Klein Khaki Collection
  • Carmina Gingham by Royal Doulton
  • Casa Estebana by Gibson
  • Chelsea Collection - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Ceylon by 222 Fifth
  • Charm Holiday by Gibson
  • Christianhavn Blue by Dansk
  • Christmas Tree by Spode
  • Churchill Patterns
  • Claremont by Gibson
  • Claremont Gold by Gibson
  • Classic Fjord by Dansk
  • Classic Fjord Lavender by Dansk
  • Concordia by Gibson
  • Conservative Collection - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Contorno by 222 Fifth
  • Corelle Dinnerware Patterns
  • Delightful Tuscany Floral by Gibson
  • Desert Rose - Franciscan Dinnerware
  • Earth Retreat by Gibson
  • Earthstone Onyx by Dansk
  • Earthstone Sage by Dansk
  • Earthstone Sand by Dansk
  • East Gate by 222 Fifth
  • Edesia Dove Grey by Dansk
  • Edesia White by Dansk
  • Essex by Gibson
  • Everyday Tuscan Olive by Pfaltzgraff
  • Fandango by Gibson
  • Farberware Dinnerware Patterns
  • Farm Fresh by Home Trends
  • Fiesta Dinnerware by The Homer Laughlin China Company
  • Fire Chilli by Denby
  • Fire Sage by Denby
  • Fire Stripes by Denby
  • Flamestone Brown by Dansk
  • Flourish - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Fruitica by Gibson
  • Gabrielle by 222 Fifth
  • Garden Bird by Gibson
  • Gilded Band by Calvin Klein
  • Golden Bamboo by Gibson
  • Graffiti Graphite by Calvin Klein
  • Greenwich by Denby
  • Grid by Calvin Klein
  • Halo by Denby
  • Hamdon by 222 Fifth
  • Holiday Classic by Gibson
  • Holly Days by Casafina
  • Homer Laughlin China
  • Imagine by Dansk
  • Imperial Blue by Denby
  • Impressions by Casafina
  • India by Wedgwood
  • Jacobean Teal by 222 Fifth
  • James Martin Dine by Denby
  • Jet Skyline by Denby
  • Jet Stripes by Denby
  • Johnson Brothers Patterns
  • Kensington - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Khaki Leaves by 222 Fifth
  • La Belle Sepia by 222 Fifth
  • La Belle Shimmer by 222 Fifth
  • La Belle Spice by 222 Fifth
  • Lanore by Gibson
  • Lenox Patterns
  • Li An by Casafina
  • Lily of the Valley - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Linen by Denby
  • Luna by Calvin Klein
  • Madeira Harvest by Casafina
  • Maidenhair Fern - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Maharana by 222 Fifth
  • Martha's Garden - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Meadow Silver - Martha Stewart Collection
  • Meridian by Casafina
  • Metalic Basso by Calvin Klein
  • Metria White by Dansk
  • Mettalise by Dansk
  • Mikasa Dinnerware Patterns
  • Mission by 222 Fifth
  • Mist by Denby
  • Mist Falls by Denby
  • Mist Mahogany by Dansk
  • Mollusk by Calvin Klein
  • Modern Daisy - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Monsoon Home Chrysanthemum by Denby
  • Monsoon Home Lucille Gold by Denby
  • Monsoon Home Lucille Teal by Denby
  • Monsoon Home Veronica by Denby
  • Mythos by Gibson
  • Natural Splendor by Gibson
  • Nautica Dinnerware
  • Nazare by Casafina
  • Nikko Dinnerware Patterns
  • Nomad by Calvin Klein
  • Noritake Patterns
  • Oneida Patterns
  • Old Britain Castles by Johnson Brothers
  • Oliveto by 222 Fifth
  • Oyster Strands by Denby
  • Palm Haven by Gibson
  • Petal Lattice - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Peter Rabbit by Wedgwood
  • Pfaltzgraff Patterns
  • Platinum Grain by Calvin Klein
  • Portmeirion Dinnerware
  • Ravi by 222 Fifth
  • Red Polka Dots by Casafina
  • Regalia by Gibson
  • Regency Green by Denby
  • Ribbon Stripe - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Rococo by 222 Fifth
  • Rosenthal Patterns
  • Royal Doulton Patterns
  • Sakura Dinnerware Patterns
  • Sanderville by Noritake
  • Sango Dinnerware
  • Sarasota by Gibson
  • Sensations by Gibson
  • Sienna by Denby
  • Sienna Ellipse by Denby
  • Signature Dinnerware
  • Seventeenth Century by Casafina
  • Silhouette by Calvin Klein
  • Simple Lines Square Dinnerware by Corelle
  • Soho Lounge Square by Gibson
  • Sonoma Dinnerware by Tag
  • Spode Dinnerware patterns
  • Stoneware Kohl by Calvin Klein
  • Sun Valley by Casafina
  • Sunset Safari by 222 Fifth
  • Symphony Cobalt by 222 Fifth
  • Tabletops Unlimited Dinnerware
  • Tag Dinnerware
  • Tea Rose by Pfaltzgraff
  • Tera Brown by Dansk
  • Terena Bloom by Gibson
  • Thistle by Calvin Klein
  • Topos Seasalt by Dansk
  • Topos Sun by Dansk
  • Topos Wave by Dansk
  • Tracy Porter Dinnerware
  • Truffle Layers by Denby
  • Tula by Calvin Klein
  • Valle Red/Orange by 222 Fifth
  • Vietri Dinnerware
  • Versace Dinnerware
  • Vintage Port by Casafina
  • Waverly by Calvin Klein
  • Wedgwood Dinnerware
  • White by Denby
  • White Diamonds by Gibson
  • White Elements by Gibson
  • White Squares by Denby
  • Winter Greetings by Lenox
  • Woodland Holiday - Martha Stewart Dinnerware
  • Yorktowne Dinnerware by Pfaltzgraff
  • Zambezi by Gibson
  • Zebra by 222 Fifth

If you are looking for a particular pattern, be sure to search this site using the pattern name. Over time, this site will present most styles and a variety of patterns.

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