Dinnerware Tips: Questions, Answers and Ideas

From time to time we all can use some dinnerware tips. This section is designed to aid you in your shopping adventures as well as making it possible for you to make the best out of the dinnerware sets that you choose.  It is also meant to be entertaining.  

Feel free to ask questions, offer tips or share ideas. 

By the way, we love pictures!  If you have photos of a fabulous table setting or want share a wonderful or tragic dinner story, here is the place to do that. 

Dinnerware Tips, Stories, Questions and Answers

Do you have a question about dinnerware, table setting, decorating, care of your dishes, or would just like some insight from other dish lovers? Feel free to post your question here.

If you have an opinion, an answer to offer or a story to share, here is the place!

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Searching for manufacturer/pattern names 
Hi, I would like to order replacement dinner plates for our dinnerware but it is 10 years old and only has a cursive capital "S" as the identifier. …

1970's Denby Castile/England dinnerware set care 
My wife and I have a complete set of this pottery from mid 1970's that we have never used, can you tell me if it can be used in the microwave or dishwasher …

Espana Antica 
Looking for sets of Espana Antica Daffodil pattern.

Manufacturer's Marking 
I have a white dinner plate from Homegoods that I simply love and cannot seem to find the manufacturer in order to locate more. It is simply the letter …

Culinary Arts Studio Collection: Apple/Pear 
HELP!!! I have been searching the following and cannot find it anywhere...even on ebay...the stamp on the back simply says: Culinary Arts Studio Collection. …

Espana Antica Green? 
Hi, I read somewhere that you are the creator or distributor for Espana Antica dinnerware. True? Is so, do you know where I can get some of the green ones. …

Mint Green plate 
I have an mint green oval dinner plate with a symbol on the back I am assuming is the trademark of the co. that made it I would like some help identifying …

Question About Vintage Dinnerware Picturing Furniture 
I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify the manufacturer of this dinnerware and the approximate date of manufacture. I have several pieces. Some …

silverware marks on pfaltzgraff dishes.  
Can these silverware marks come off the bowls and plate? If so what will clean them.

Just wanted to say thanks . . . 
Thank you so much for your website. I recently remodeled my kitchen and dining areas and have been searching for dinnerware to complete the process. …

Nikko Dinnerware Blacktie dishwasher safe? 
We are wish to finally buy ourselves a nice set of dishes. But we want to know if nikko Blacktie is safe for the dishwasher. We have looked on several …

identify pattern? Not rated yet
found a box full of this- guess I'm just looking for info on it and if you have any advice on selling- no one wants it! Thanks so much in advance for your …

identify pattern? Not rated yet
found a box full of this- guess I'm just looking for info on it and if you have any advice on selling- no one wants it! Thanks so much in advance for your …

F w Woolworth of New York Not rated yet
Just received donation of dinnerware with f w Woolworth New York can you share info ? They are white background with coral pink designs will send picture …

Johnson Brothers Old English Clover dinnerware Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me when JB stopped making this pattern? I've looked at more sites at Google than I can remember, and no clue. Thanks.

Set of two very small plates in case - anyone know what these are for? Not rated yet
I have some Pickard Platinum Accent China from the 60s. Included with it is this case of two small plates, each about 3-1/2" wide. Does anyone know what …

Suggestion Not rated yet
Hello! May i suggest a visit to the following blog: http://www.vintagemelaminebyfaplana.blogspot.com/ It features some beautiful, colorful and original …

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Dinnerware Tips, Ideas and Common Questions and Answers

Thanks to all who share stories, ask questions and offer dinnerware tips! It is greatly appreciated.

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