Plastic Disposable Dinnerware for Weddings

While everyone would like to use fine china for wedding dinners, plastic disposable dinnerware is more practical.  It is much less expensive than regular dishes and clean up is breeze.  Whether you are just serving wedding cake, or serving a full meal or snacks, this type of dinnerware is a blessing to the bride and groom along with the guests who help to make the event special. 

Way back when I got married, disposable plastic dinnerware was rather tacky for use at a formal dinner, but nowadays they are available in fancy patterns that honestly look like fine china.  Drink ware that looks like crystal goblets is also a great choice.  Plastic flatware is even offered in a silver tone that looks like silverware. 

Table settings with this type of plastic disposable dinnerware make a good first impression that you can be proud of at your memorable event.

Where to Look for Plastic Disposable Dinnerware for Weddings

Generally, you can't find this type of dinnerware at a grocery store or variety store.  Shopping online is a great option for finding exactly what you are looking for. 

Some wedding shops or party organizers have contacts to get formal plastic dinnerware, and most catering companies can also give you good referrals.

Possibly the best distributor of this fancy plastic tableware that I have ran across, goes by the name Occasions.  They offer a line of disposal plastic dinnerware, flatware and drinkware that is a bit fancier than others, totally appropriate for formal weddings.

They offer custom packs and they do sell in bulk, which can save you some money.  I'm particularly impressed with their full wedding set which includes plates, chargers, cutlery, and simply gorgeous wine glasses with a silver base, stem and rim.  

Because this is available on eBay, you can buy it on PayPal credit if you qualify.  This allows you to pay for it on a reasonable payment plan which is ideal for wedding expenses.  It will allow you to spend your cash on other wedding items, or honeymoon arrangements where there might not be an option for a payment plan. 

 The quality of dishes is good, considering that they are disposable plastic.  I have seen some neutral ratings in consumer reviews; however, my view is that expectations are a bit high when you consider what you are buying.  They are somewhat delicate when compared to regular dishes, but for disposable dishes they are top notch. 

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