Toile Dinnerware

Toile Dinnerware

Toile dinnerware is available in several patterns that simulate a decoration style related to fabric. Toile fabrics originated way back when, some say around the 16th century. Originally, toile fabric consisted of detailed scenes in a solid color depicted on a white or off-white background. These fabrics were often used in upholstery.

When it comes to dinnerware, patterns of this style are often called transferware because of the way the pattern is put on the dinnerware. The pattern is stamped on paper and transferred to the dinnerware piece. Blue Willow china is possibly the best known form of transferware.

This should answer the common questions, "What is toile dinnerware?" and "What is transferware?

Antique china dinnerware and vintage dinnerware with toile patterns were usually made with a solid-colored scene; however, contemporary dinnerware sometimes depicts multi-colored scenes.

At any rate, dishes with toile patterns are very interesting and make great items for decorating as well as creating spectacular table decorating ideas .

Scalamandre Casual Dinnerware offers several colors and patterns of modern transferware in toile style. They are solid colored scenes on white background.

Modern-day toile patterns often depict farm animals as is seen here in this Barnyard Toile Dessert Plate Set.

Toile style patterns come into style from time to time and it is commonly depicts colonial patterns like is seen in the Blue Americana Dinner Plate Toile Colonial Scenes USA.

The Chintz Bird Design is a favorite toile pattern and it comes in blue and red.

Equally beautiful is the Red Floral Antique French Toile Rose Chintz Flower pattern.

Feel free to browse the Toile Patterns that are currently available. It is also interesting to search the internet auctions from time to time if you find this type of dinnerware to be attractive.