Tag Dinnerware

Tag dinnerware made by Tag LTD is the amateur decorator's dream come true. Tag's vision is "to bring well-designed, stylish and affordable products into the home of every consumer". What does that mean for us? High-quality, fashionable, casual dinnerware sets at a great price!

Tag Dinnerware - Sonoma Dinnerware

Sonoma dinnerware by Tag is one of their most popular dinnerware patterns. It is ironstone, hand painted dinnerware that is available in nine colors: slate blue, celadon, terracotta, yellow, red, tan, ivory, chocolate, and olive. It is sold in open-stock which means that you can mix and match the colors rather purchasing a whole set in one color.

Tag Dinnerware - Whiteware

Tag whiteware is also very nice. It is made of white porcelain and it is simple, not too elaborate. The dinnerware pieces are very practical and there is a wide variety of serving accessories that match the whiteware dinnerware. I especially like the 3-tiered stand with bowls. I wish I could find one of those to match my casual dinnerware set to use at parties.

The Seafoam Dinnerware Collection by Tag is ideal for nautical d├ęcor if you like the green, ocean tint. It is somewhat rustic dinnerware made from terracotta.

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