Sakura Dinnerware

Sakura Dinnerware - Sonoma

Sakura dinnerware is a product of Sakura, Inc. which was acquired by Oneida LTD in 2000. The economy has been rocky during this millennium, especially for manufacturers.

Oneida responded to the challenge by replacing manufacturing with sourcing. Their reputation has always been founded on making available high-quality products of dinnerware, flatware, kitchenware, and drinkware. Today, the brand recognition has not changed, even though their role has. You will still find Oneida dinnerware and Oneida silverware to be a great brand.

Most of the Sakura patterns have been discontinued, but you can still find them here and there. I suggest browsing the internet auctions and replacement companies along with the traditional estate sales, second hand stores, garage sales, and so forth if you are looking for completer or replacement pieces to your dinnerware set.

Other Meanings of Sakura

Japanese Dinnerware - Cherry Blossom aka Sakura

Sakura is a term that is often used to describe cherry blossoms. They are very popular in Japan, China and Korea. Cherry blossoms are frequently used in art, as well as for decoration of items like dinnerware. So, when you hear the term "Sakura" mixed with dinnerware it is possible that it is referring to Sakura, Inc. and their products or that it refers to dinnerware decorated with cherry blossoms.

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