Western Dinnerware

Western Dinnerware - Western Stoneware Dinnerware Sets

Most western dinnerwareis a rustic dinnerware style which is wonderful as a décor item. Barbwire and brands are commonly used on the dinnerware, as are cattle, horses and cowboys. Crosses and stars sometimes decorate western stoneware, especially in Texas.

A collection of antique dinnerwarefrom the west can bring the concept to life, and vintage kitchen canister sets go nicely with western stoneware dinnerware sets.

eBay is a great place to shop for western décor. It gives you so many options for mixing modern items with antique and vintage décor to create an awesome western kitchen.

Western Dinnerware

Stoneware dinnerware sets are most popular in western-style dinnerware, although some porcelain sets can be found from time to time.

True West Rodeo Dinner Set

Rodeo patterns and brands are very popular, especially for rodeo gurus and real cowboys who wrangle cows for a living.

Barbed Wire Dinnerware Set

Barbed wire patterns fit right into the décor as barbed wire fences are most commonly used to keep livestock where they belong.

Cast Iron Spur Salt and Pepper Shaker

Western Barn Star Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Cast iron, spurs and horseshoes often complement the kitchen décor along with barn stars and so forth.

Cowboy Western Cookie Jar

Of course every western kitchen has to have a cookie jar. Nothings better than snacking on a cattle roundup day.

Vintage Style Wooden Cutlery Silverware Holder

Wood Country Western Table Napkin Holder Caddy Decor

Serving a bunch of hungry cowboys can be a chore. It is always nice to have serving accessories that make things simple.

My parents are ranchers and they have quite a collection of dinnerware that fits into the western theme. My mother is a lot like me in that she likes to changes things around adding new pieces from time to time. Her kitchen is simply gorgeous and just about every time I visit I see something new.

Rustic wood furnishings set the tone at the ranch house. The wood burning stoves add to the ambiance along with the western décor. It's warm and friendly and always feels like home.

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