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Viva Terra is an awesome company. The name of company stands for "living earth". Their mission is to live in harmony with nature which inspires commitment to producing ecology-sound products using organic and sustainable resources. In their effort to be earth and people friendly, the company is inspired to celebrate life and human spirit by honoring worldwide cultural traditions which reflects unique handcrafted products created by designers and artisans.

The products of VivaTerra include furniture, home accessories, dinnerware, and apparel. Some of the materials used are reclaimed wood, recycled glass, recycled metal, and vintage and recycled fabric. This commitment to being earth-friendly is admirable.

Dinnerware Patterns by Viva Terra

Aurora Dinnerware Collection

VivaTerra Aurora Dinnerware

The Aurora dinnerware collection is pretty awesome. It is recycled glass dinnerware that uses metallic gold and aubergine which creates a beautiful effect. The pattern is orbital and it looks like the top of dishes are raised and bumpy, but the pattern actually consists on the bottom showing through the glass. The surfaces of the dishes are actually smooth. The table setting looks great with the uniquely created Multi-Color River Stone Placemats, Twig Flatware and Servers. Pretty amazing!

Celebration Seaglass Dinnerware

Viva Terra Celebration Seaglass Dinnerware

The plates in this dinnerware set are triangle, square and wave-shaped in translucent colors of gold, amethyst, red, and copper. They fit perfectly together for an outstanding set table. Seaglass Serving Pieces are available from Viva Terra to complete the look along with unique VivaTerra Flatware, Etched Recycled Glass Goblets and Decanter and Circular Felt Placemats, all inspired by nature.

Viva Terra Classic Sol Dinnerware

Classic Sol Dinnerware

This is colored glass dinnerware that is made from recycled glass. The dishes reflect vibrant colors and a glistening effect due to the design ribbed into the glass dinnerware. It can be purchased in a full 16-piece dinnerware set, or the pieces can be ordered individually to match your preferences.

Celestial Sol Dinnerware

VivaTerra Celestial Sol Dinnerware

The Celestial Sol Dinnerware is perfect if you like earthly colors. The dishes are made from recycled glass and features shades of pearl white, olive green, steel blue, and navy blue along with clear glass. Simply adorable!

Viva Terra Festival Sol Dinnerware

Festival Sol Dinnerware

The Festival Sol Dinnerware is a lot like the Classic Sol Dinnerware with added colored glass dinnerware. The dishes are bright in shades of lime, orange, turquoise, and red. Of course, they are made with recycled glass which is earth friendly. These dishes are perfect for a party or a family get-together.

Oceana Seaglass Dinnerware

Viva Terra Oceana Seaglass Dinnerware

The translucent plates and bowls made from recycled glass in calming colors of pewter, pearl, silver, turquoise, lime, and seafoam are both lovely and unique. They are perfect for nautical d├ęcor. Accessories such as White River Stone Placemats, VivaTerra Flatware and the Clear Glass Wine Decanter Set make the setting complete.

Riverstone Dinnerware

Viva Terra Riverstone Dinnerware

This dinnerware is quite original. The plates, bowls and mugs are contoured into an organic shape and the rims feature a sand-colored matte. The shape of the dishes is creative, but what is really unique is that the handle of the mugs are made of weathered river stone. This dinnerware set is sure to make interesting conservation at a dinner party.

I have viewed all of the products that Viva Terra offers. They are all amazing. I love that fact that they use recycled and sustainable natural resources in producing their products. Their dinnerware is great, but so are the serving accessories, home products and furniture that they produce. The Vintage Fir Armoire is my favorite.

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