Tuscany Dinnerware

Tuscany Dinnerware

Tuscany dinnerware patterns tend to be bright and cheerful. Tuscany is a region in central Italy. The economy is heavily reliant on agriculture. Olives and grapes are common crops in the region. In the marshy swamplands, vegetable crops are plentiful as well as sunflowers.

Tuscan cuisine is simple, but tasty. Bistro prepared meals mostly consists of bread, olive oil, cheese, veggies, mushrooms, legumes, fresh fruit, beef, and pork. Cold meats, like ham and salami, are sometimes served. Of course, due to the production of grapes, wine commonly accompanies the meal.

Glass and ceramics also play a part in Tuscany industries and art is a focus of the culture. This is a good thing for the dinnerware market because many Tuscan dinnerware sets are hand-painted by skilled artisans.

Often dinnerware from this region depict harvest items like fruit and olives.

Fruit Tuscany Set

Tuscany Winter Fruit

Apple on Branch

Tuscan Collection Deluxe

Tuscan Olive Pasta Bowls

Grape dinnerware, grapevines and vineyard scenes are very common.

Tuscany Grape Wine Decor

Tuscany Colorful Grapevine Hand Painted Ceramics

Tuscany Vineyard Grapes

Floral patterns and sunflowers often grace Tuscany dinnerware.

Sunflower Dinnerware

Tuscan Sunflower

Also, a favorite Tuscany style features bistro décor featuring the bistro chef.

Tuscany Plump Bistro Chef Ceramics

Tuscany Fat Bistro Chef

Rooster dinnerware also holds a place in Tuscan dinnerware selections.

Tuscany Province Sunshine Rooster

Villa type designs are also popular in Tuscany-style décor.

Tuscan Villa

Tuscany Colorful Hand Painted Fleur De Lis

Tuscany Pistachio Green Ruffle

Tuscany Porcelain Dinnerware Set

I find this dinnerware to be attractive, even though it is not my preferred style. I'm into more neutral colors for my home décor. Grape dinnerware might someday find a place in my kitchen and the bistro chef is just cute and fun. I like the black and white checks that accompany bistro décor and I can see that décor in my kitchen.

I have a few pieces of Italian dinnerware that is great for serving Italian food, salads and soups. You really can't beat a pasta bowl for serving fettuccini or spaghetti, even though that type of cuisine is more popular in other regions of Italy, other than Tuscany. I also like the olive oil dipping bowls. They make an awesome addition to any dinnerware set.

Interested in Tuscan Decor?

Tuscan Home Decorating

The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide ia an amazing guide to decorating Tuscan style.

It includes plans and ideas for each room in your home as well as covering painting techniques and color schemes, lighting concepts, Tuscan-made home decor items, flooring, furniture, you name it you will find it in this awesome guide.

I find Tuscan decor appealing, but I really don't know enough about it to pull off a home decor product in this theme. I would definitely need this guide to take me through the process.

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