Tuscan Dinnerware

Tuscan Dinnerware

Tuscan dinnerware is actually from a style of décor originating in Tuscany, which is a region in central Italy. There are several designs used in this dinnerware that will bring a touch of culture to your kitchen and your table.

The economy of Tuscany is highly dependent on agriculture, tourism and fashion, as well as on industries like mining, glass and ceramics, textiles, marble, metalworking, and woodwork. All of this is reflected in Tuscan décor.

Tuscan Home Decorating

Tuscan style dinnerware makes up a small part of Italian dinnerware, which is extensive. It features Tuscan villa style architecture, agricultural products from the region's top crops, features of Tuscany cuisine, and of course, the Tuscan rooster.

If you are into decorating Tuscan style, you have to check out the The Ultimate Tuscan Home Decorating Guide. It is a step by step guide that will teach you about color themes, introduce you to awesome products, and it is filled with decorating ideas for a Tuscan home.

Tuscan Villa Dinnerware

To picture a villa of Tuscan, remember the 2003 movie Under the Tuscan Sun starring Diane Lane. She started out with a fixer-upper and turned it into a beautiful Tuscan Villa as she rebuilt her life.

Tuscan Villa Dinnerware Set

This dinnerware, by Red Vanilla, fits perfectly into a Tuscan-based villa. It would look wonderful displayed on a Tuscan hutch in the kitchen or dining room.

Tuscany Dinnerware Featuring Agriculture

Sunflowers are grown in parts of Tuscany and therefore, earn a place in the world of Tuscan décor. This sunflower dinnerware would liven up a room.

Certified International Tuscan Sunflower

Grapevines are plentiful in the region, so grape dinnerware also holds a place in a Tuscan kitchen.

Tuscany Grape Decor

Olives are grown in Tuscany and play a big part in Tuscan cuisine. The following Pfaltzgraff pattern has been retired; however, it is a lovely pattern for Tuscan dining. You can find this pattern through online auctions or dinnerware replacement companies.

Pfaltzgraff Everyday Tuscan Olives Pattern

Tuscan Cuisine Dinnerware

Tuscan cuisine is simplicity based and often featured in bistro fashion. It may consists of cold meats, bread, cheese, vegetables, and fresh fruit, and of course, wine plays a part in it. The following dinnerware fits into a Tuscany theme dependent on the style that you choose.

Tuscany Fat Bistro Chef

Tuscany Fruit Design

Tuscan Rooster Dinnerware

Roosters are popular in Tuscany décor. In fact, there are some legends based on a black rooster that brings amazement to the region of Italy. A black rooster seal adorns the infamous Consorzio Chianti Classico wine that is produced in central Tuscany.

Tuscany Province Sunshine Rooster

Pfaltzgraff made a beautiful Tuscan Rooster dinnerware pattern, but again, it has been retired. You can always search for it through estate sales, online auctions or replacement companies.

Tuscan Dinnerware
Tuscan Rooster Dinnerware

I really like the variations that are brought about by Tuscany décor. All of the Tuscan dinnerware is appealing to me and it brings about several themes that are simply fun and exciting.

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