Trout Dinnerware

Trout Dinnerware

Trout dinnerware is perfect for a family of fishermen. My family is made up of outdoorsmen (and women) and we love to hunt and fish. I remember that, as a child, our out-of-town trips and family reunions were mostly to mountains and lakes. We often had fish fries as a family get-together. All were good times.

For people who entertain by serving fish, it only makes sense for them to have fish dinnerware. There are many species of fish and dinnerware patterns for the most popular ones, trout being one of them.

Trout Dinnerware Selection

The selection of dinnerware that display trout is limited; however, from time to time dinnerware companies release a pattern. Therefore, it is more logical to search for dinnerware sets through online auctions or replacement dinnerware companies. You might get lucky and find some that are in current production.

One of my favorite dinnerware collections is the Spode Woodland Collection. It features many wildlife dinnerware patterns, one of which features trout.

Spode Woodland Trout

Better Homes and Gardens is currently making a trout pattern which you might find available at Wal-Mart. Anglers Expression is another brand name that is currently producing trout dishes in various patterns.

Portmeirion Dinnerware has a line of dinnerware called "The Compleat Angler". Sea trout is featured on some of the dishes.

Portmeirion The Compleat Angler, Sea Trout

Folkcraft has a retired pattern of trout dinnerware. Rainbow Trout is the pattern name. I really like it. The fish is featured on some of the dishes but some just have fishing flies around the brim of the dishes, a perfect gift for a fly fisher.

Trout Dinnerware

Another retired pattern that I like is called Trout of American Waters, by Lynn Chase. It is fine china and the pattern is just gorgeous.

Learning About Trout

Trout are mostly found in clear streams and fresh water lakes, although some migrate from the sea to fresh water to spawn. I grew up around Navajo Lake, Quality Waters and the San Juan River in northern New Mexico. Trout were plentiful there.

If you are looking for trout, it always helps to review the fishing reports that are put out by Department of Game and Fish. It will tell you where to find them. A guide to trout fishing will assist by telling you how to catch them.

Trout: The Complete Guide to Catching Trout

Cooking Trout

I must confess, I have never cooked trout. That was Daddy's job. When I went creek fishing with friends in Colorado, Danny was "The Cook". If ever I have to cook trout, I will need some instructions.

Cooking With Trout

I remember fishing for trout in Colorado. Our family traveled with friends of the family to Williams Lake and fished at Williams Creek. I also took a trip with friends to Dutch Creek in Colorado. The fishing there was surreal!

My paternal grandparents were usually the host and hostess of fish fries while my maternal grandparents were more into hunting. When my grandpa retired, Grandma and Grandpa spent most of their time at Buchanan Lake. It's a large lake in Central Texas. The fish in that lake included mostly yellow cat and white bass. Nowadays striped bass and largemouth bass are part of the catch. I chose to join them at the lake for my first solo trip after I graduated. We had a great time.

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