Square Dinnerware Sets

Pfaltzgraff Plymouth Square Thanksgiving Dinnerware

Square dinnerware sets are modern and make a contemporary table setting. Many of the top of line dinnerware manufacturers make square sets. There are some premium dinnerware brands that distribute porcelain dinnerware sets in square patterns, but for the most part, this design is popular in casual dinnerware sets.

Some of the sets include square plates, bowls and cups, while some keep the traditional design for bowls and cups and just apply the square design to the plates. There are also unique designs, like the round-square patterns in Rachael Ray Dinnerware.

Rachael Ray Dinnerware Round and Square 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

I find it very chic and stylish.

Home Trends Dinnerware

Home Trends Dinnerware - Sylvan Springs - Square Dinnerware Sets

Home Trends Dinnerware produces several square patterns that are rather inexpensive and trendy. Home Trends Square Dinnerware Patternsicon are likely to match your d├ęcor because there are so many different patterns.

Of the Home Trends dinnerware patterns that are currently available, I like the Sylvan Springs pattern best. It is made of stoneware and it is dishwasher and microwave-safe dinnerware, which makes it ideal for everyday use. Matching serve ware is also offered, which is a plus in my book.

Corelle Square Dinnerware

Corelle Splendor - Square Dinnerware Set

Corelle Square Dinnerware patterns are an amazing choice for everyday dinnerware. This thermally bonded glass dinnerware is designed to be durable. It is break and chip resistant, the patterns don't fade, and it is dishwasher and micro-wave safe.

Of these available patterns, it is hard to choose a favorite. I really like the design and color choices on the Splendor pattern, but the Mandarin Flower and Cherry Blossom patterns are also appealing. Then there is the Pure White pattern, which makes aesthetic presentation simple and enjoyable. The choices of Corelle dinnerware patterns are so many, you are sure to find one that you like.

Pfaltzgraff Square Dinnerware Sets

Pfaltzgraff Naturewood - Square Dinnerware Sets

The Pfaltzgraff Company is a producer of dinnerware that makes some pretty awesome square dinnerware patterns. The company has been in existence since 1811 and they are known for high-quality craftsmanship.

Of the Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware currently available in square patterns, I personally like the Naturewood pattern best. The Pistoulet pattern is also adorable.

I was surprised to see that Pfaltzgraff has made the Plymouth pattern available in square dinnerware. That pattern is ideal for Thanksgiving Dinnerware.

Expand Your Horizons

Square dinnerware sets are trendy and are great for everyday use or for special occasions. There are many sets available today in an enormous variety of styles and color choices. It is worth shopping around to find the set that is perfect for you.

The choices are amazing and make it possible to create awesome table settings.

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