Plastic Dinnerware Choices

Plastic dinnerware is very popular for outside dining, patio parties and special event galas where it is impossible to provide enough dishes to serve all the guests. They are even used to stock a camp trailer.

The ranges of plastic dishes are pretty diverse. Believe it or not, there is actually plastic kitchenware and dinnerware that has been deemed collectible dinnerware. Personally, I can't imagine collecting plastic ware, but then again, it could be useful for a family whose rough on dishes. It would also go along with an "antique" kitchenÂ… Hmmm, I might decide to collect it after all!

Plastic melamine dinnerware is perfect for use as camping dinnerware or patio dinnerware. It's sturdy, hard to break and easy to clean. Standard plastic serving platters and bowls are also fitting along with plastic drink ware.

For mega parties where disposable, sturdy and elegant dishes are needed, you might consider real-looking silver plastic flatware and fancy plastic plates along with disposable drink ware like champagne glasses. I was amazed at the variety of disposable dinnerware is available and appropriate to use at extravagant events like a wedding reception or a business dinner. Some of it looks like china from a distance.

The choices of dinnerware made of plastic make it easy to select reasonable dishes to meet your every need. Whether you want easy clean up, multiple cheap dishes, or sturdy, unbreakable dinnerware, or outdoor dinnerware it makes sense to look to plastic.

Taking Care of Plasticware

Some plastic dinner sets are disposable which is great from time to time, but some is made to last. It isn't extremely expensive, so if you or your family does melt it or crack it, replacing it won't break the bank.

The care of a plastic dinnerware set depends a lot on the material that it is made of. Generally, it should not be exposed to extreme heat. For some types of dinnerware, this may mean that is isn't dishwasher proof or microwave safe. Plastic dishes are definitely not oven proof.

Melamine dinnerware isn't intended to be used in the microwave because of the type of material that is used in making it, but it is great for situations that don't include microwaving. Most melamine dishes are dishwasher safe; however, hand washing the dishes will prevent the patterns from fading.

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