Pewter Dinnerware

Pewter Dinnerware Set

Pewter Dinnerware is unique, to say the least. There are dishes that are actually made of pewter, there are dishes that have pewter accents, there are fine china dinnerware sets that have pewter trim, and there are pewter colored dinnerware sets.

Pewter is a metal alloy made mostly of tin combined with other metals for their various qualities. In earlier days, sometimes lead was used in making pewter, so if you are dealing with vintage dinnerware or antique dinnerware, it is best to test it for lead content to assure that it lead-free and food safe.

Premium Lead Test Kit

Modern dinnerware that uses pewter most likely is lead-free so that you don't have to worry about lead poisoning, but it is better to test it if it isn't popular brand that addressed the issue. It better to be safe than sorry.

Pewter dishes are fabulous for creating a great table setting no matter which style you choose to go with. I love the country-look that can be created using metal dishes to decorate a kitchen and then of course there is fine china with pewter trim that is an excellent choice.

Corelle Pewter Dinnerware Set

Corelle dinnerware makes a dinnerware set that is actually glass dinnerware with a pewter-colored pattern. It is a beautiful set that is easy to care for and so durable that is it practically unbreakable dinnerware.

Convivio White Dinner Plate by Match Pewter

This dinnerware is a ceramic dinnerware with lead free pewter trim that is handmade by artisans in Italy. It is a beautiful selection for dinner parties or everyday use.

Juliska Pewter Stoneware Round Dinner Plate

This stoneware pewter dinnerware pattern is exceptional for creating an European look for your dinner table. There are many matching dishes by Juliska that can be used to create your own unique dinnerware set.

Wilton Armetale Country French Dinner Plate

Wilton Armetale Flutes and Pearls Goblet

If you like French style, you will love these pewter and metal alloy dishes by Wilton Armetale. They are a distributer of modern pewter and metal dishes that are simply gorgeous. I can see a table set with these wonderful dishes and colorful linen for a ritzy and elegant appearance.

Arte Italica Tuscan Mug

Arte Italicais another company that distributes beautifully crafted dinnerware of pewter and metal alloys.

Tips for Cleaning and Taking Care of Pewter Dishes

Antique Dinnerware - Pewter Dinnerware Goblets

Luckily, pewter is not as hard to clean as silver because it doesn't tarnish. However, it can be easily stained from certain food items such as citrus juice or salad dressing. For this reason, it is best to wash it right away rather than leaving food on it and giving the opportunity for staining.

It is best to hand wash the dishes with a mild detergent. There are pewter cleaners available if you find the need for it. Dishwasher use is not recommended.

Also, pewter dishes are prone to melting so you don't want to run them the drying phase in a dishwasher and you definitely cannot use them in the oven, on the stovetop are near other heat sources.

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