What Type of Outdoor Dinnerware Do You Need?

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I come from a family of hunters and fishermen so outdoor dinnerware is often used by my family. It seems that everyone has their camp trailers stocked with dishes that are somewhat unbreakable and easy to take care of.

Some prefer disposable dinnerware, but honestly, it is hard to cutup a steak on a paper plate. I remember family stories about eating at a campfire on a hunting trip when someone was saying how tough his steak was. The dishes used were paper plates on a paper plate holder. Nobody else's steak was tough. When he was finished eating and went to throw away the plate, he noticed that he had actually eaten part of the plate. No wonder it was tough!

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If you are stocking a camp trailer plastic melamine dinnerware is nice to have. Coleman makes a great variety of camping dinnerware and enamelware which is also wonderful for eating outdoors.

Plastic dinnerware is appropriate for patio dinnerware. There won't be any sweeping up of shattered glass when someone drops their plate or drinking glass. Anodized aluminum tumblers are also nice for outside serving. They keep drinks cold and they don't break.

Pfalzgraff Melamine

We rarely go to the beach, but I'm sure that the same challenges are faced by beach goers as it is for campers. The same choices for camping dinnerware would be great for serving on the beach, but I'm thinking that maybe people looking beach dinnerware are more inclined to fancier dishes that match beach décor. Maybe tableware featuring beach style décor such as palm trees, sail boats, lighthouses, seashells, starfish, and so forth.

Regardless of the type of outdoor dinnerware that you are looking for, you will find some great ideas on this website.

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