Oneida Dinnerware the #1 Brand in Flatware! Oneida Dinnerware - Geo Blue

Oneida dinnerware is well-known for its variety in white dinnerware that chefs absolutely love to serve on. They also offer decorative dinnerware patterns including round and square dinnerware plates. Their holiday dinnerware is cute, unique and casual.

The dinnerware selection from Oneida is amazing and they are famous for being the #1 Brand in Flatware.

White Dinnerware by Oneida

Many chefs prefer to serve on white dinnerware patterns because it doesn't compete with the appeal of the food. Oneida has put a lot of thought into their white patterns. They include:

Oneida Dinnerware - Chefs Table Soft Square
  • Chefs Table Hard Square
  • Chefs Table Soft Square
  • Chefs Table Round
  • Chefs Palette Embossed
  • Chefs Palette Coupe
  • Chefs Palette Banded
  • Chefs Palette Soft Square Coupe
  • Fusion Square
  • Fusion Arq

These whiteware versions are accompanied nicely with Oneida's Denmark Bakeware and their Chefs Collection Accessories.

Decorative Dinnerware by Oneida

Oneida Dinnerware - Cubism Blue Square

Oneida has many decorative dinnerware patterns in both round and square dinnerware. Here are some of their most popular patterns.

  • Adriatic Blue (square or round)
  • Adriatic Green (square or round)
  • Adriatic Brown (square or round)
  • Cubism Blue (square or round)
  • Evergreen (round)
  • Geo Blue (round)
  • Geo Brown (round)
Oneida Dinnerware - Culinaria Blue Sage

Their solid colored Culinaria line is also desirable.

  • A La Mode
  • Chili
  • Cocoa
  • Pound Cake
  • Blue Peppercorn
  • Blue Sage
  • Porcini
  • Tarragon
Oneida Dinnerware - Color Burst Chili Mango

I especially like their two-tone patterns. These include the Sunset pattern (in either round or square) along with the Color Burst line in the following colors:

  • Berry Berry
  • Chili Mango
  • Kiwi Green
  • Lemon Drop
  • Very Cherry

Oneida Holiday Dinnerware

Oneida Dinnerware - Ho Ho Ho - Holiday Dinnerware

The holiday patterns are very cheery and appropriate for casual entertaining.

They include the Ho Ho Ho pattern, the O'Tannenboum pattern and Snowmates. Of course, accessories are available to complement these patterns.

It is also a worthwhile mission to check out the incredible line of Oneida Silverware.

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