Nikko Dinnerware

Nikko Dinnerware - Precious

Nikko dinnerware is produced by a Japanese dinnerware company - Nikko Company. The company was previously known as Koshitsu Toki Company which was established in 1905. They were the first Japanese company to produce semi-porcelain dinnerware. Today they are known for manufacturing awesome dinnerware and Nikko ceramics.

Nikko Holiday Dinnerware

The holiday patterns are probably Nikko's most recognized dinnerware. Christmastime and Happy Holidays are renowned Christmas dinnerware by Nikko and they have an accessory line called "Christmas" which includes pieces that match both patterns.

Nikko Dinnerware - Happy HolidaysNikko Dinnerware - ChristmastimeNikko Dinnerware - Christmas

The Christmas accessories that match the sets make sure that all of the holiday serving needs are met. These include tea sets, coffee pots, mugs, serving platters, serving bowls, one and two tier serving trays, egg trays, ramekins, butter dishes, sugar bowls and creamers, candleholders, candy dishes, and so forth. They even have Christmas flatware.

When it comes to a holiday dinnerware collection, these patterns are pretty awesome and a lot of thought was put into making the collection complete.

Nikko Dinnerware Patterns

Nikko produces several patterns of dinnerware ranging from casual to fine dinnerware. Here are some of their most popular patterns:

    Nikko Dinnerware - Silk Black
  • Black Tie
  • Blanc Fleur
  • Blue Ocean Pearl
  • Blue Peony
  • Christmastime
  • Classic Braid
  • Classic White
  • Cosmopolitan Aki
  • Jewel Pearl Crescent
  • Jewel Pure Grace
  • Lace Bouquet
  • Les Feuilles
  • Natural Pearl
  • Ocean Beaded Pearl Nikko Dinnerware - Blue Peony
  • Palace Scalloped Platinum
  • Perennial Indigo
  • Platinum Beaded Pearl
  • Platinum Pearl
  • Precious
  • Sentiments Band of Platinum
  • Sentiments Moonstone
  • Sentiments Platinum Filigree
  • Silk Black
  • Cosmopolitan Kensington
  • Elegant Swirl
  • Entwine
  • Gold Crest Nikko Dinnerware - Elegant Swirl
  • Happy Holidays
  • Jaz
  • Jewel Midnight Pearl
  • Palace Versailles Gold
  • Palace Versailles Platinum
  • Pearl Ariel
  • Pearl Symphony
  • Perennial Gray
  • Perennial Green
  • Silk Champagne
  • Silk Platinum
  • Sky Symphony
  • White Satin

I really like the various Nikko patterns. They aren't too busy and they are quite elegant.

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