Modern Dinnerware

Modern Dinnerware

Modern dinnerware follows the trends which are usually set by celebrities. Once upon a time, porcelain dinnerware was only present in fine china lines; however, today many casual dinnerware sets are made of porcelain.

Contemporary dinnerware includes odd shapes, including square dinnerware sets, and colorful dinnerware patterns are definitely chic. Black and white dinnerware is currently in style as well. Today, dinnerware made from recycled products is not uncommon.

Dinnerware Endorsed by Celebrities

Rachael Ray has made the Round and Square Pattern popular and she tends to go with bright colors and playful designs.

Rachael relates to the modern woman which is evident by her 30-Minute Meals series of recipes and cookbooks. She emphasizes simplicity in day to day life. Her patterns feature colorful dinnerware, and some of the casual dinnerware sets that she endorses are made of porcelain, while others are made of stoneware.

Rachael Ray Dinnerware Little Hoot

Rachael Ray Dinnerware Paisley

Rachael Ray Dinnerware Curly-Q

Rachael Ray Pinwheel Dinnerware

Paula Deen is into Southern Cooking and the dinnerware she endorses goes right along with southern style. Colorwise, she's a bit more conservative than Rachael Ray, but her patterns are casual, but elegant.

Paula Deen Southern Gathering

Paula Deen Southern Rooster Collection

Paula Deen Tatnall Street Dinnerware

Paula Deen Spring Melody Collection

Paula Deen Poppy Valley Dinnerware

Martha Stewart is more into fine dining vs. simplicity; however, she does endorse casual and fine china. Martha Stewart Dinnerware is a bit more fancy that the previously mentioned celebrities.

Martha Stewart Collection Lisbon Grey

Martha Stewart Collection Dinnerware, Orleans

Martha Stewart Garden Glimmer

Martha Stewart Collection with Wedgwood "Modern Daisy"

Martha Stewart Collection with Wedgwood "Meadow Silver"

Martha Stewart Collection Wedgewood "Pearl Lattice"

Martha Stewart Collection with Wedgwood "French Knot"

These designs all fit into modern dinnerware, although they are different because of the lifestyles of the celebrities. Here you have it... simpicity, southern charm and good housekeeping and entertaining.

Made from Recycled Materials

Green living plays a part in modern trends. I am very impressed with the contribution to this cause made by Viva Terra. Their dinnerware sets are beautiful, and they are made from recycled materials.

VivaTerra Aurora Dinnerware
Aurora Dinnerware Collection
Viva Terra Celebration Seaglass Dinnerware
Celebration Seaglass Dinnerware
Viva Terra Festival Sol Dinnerware
Festival Sol Dinnerware

I really love their dinnerware designs and their other home products. They are quite original and very modern.

Antique Dinnerware
Antique Dinnerware

Blue Willow China
Blue Willow China

Pfaltzgraff Dinnerware
Casual Dinnerware Sets

Fine China Dinnerware
Fine China

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