Mexican Dinnerware

Mexican dinnerware is perfect for decorating a home and it will definitely brighten up your table. Talavera pottery is very popular in Mexican décor. Talavera ceramic is used to make dinnerware, decorative figurines and even sinks. Tile made of this material is also used to decorate buildings inside and out.

Authentic Talavera pottery is made by hand, usually using a potter's wheel, fired, glazed and hand-painted, re-glazed and then fired again. It can actually take an artist months to complete a piece because the details of producing it, so this hand painted dinnerware definitely deserves appreciation.

Some hand-painted dinnerware is created simply for decorating, and is not food-safe. Before you use this type of dinnerware to eat or drink from, be sure to read the article about the safety of ceramic dinnerware. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Here Are Some Examples of Talavera Dinnerware

These plates are just an example of the artistic talent that is put into this Mexican Dinnerware. The same artists make accessories for a full setting as well as serving accessories. They are simply gorgeous.

Other Types of Mexican-Style Dinnerware

Aside from the traditional, authentic Talavera dinnerware, other types of dinnerware are considered to be Mexican dinnerware because they are inspired by Mexican culture. These include different styles of dinnerware from Mexico and Southwestern Dinnerware along with dinnerware that is used to serve Mexican dishes.

BrylaneHome Santa Fe Hand-Painted Striped Stoneware fits into this category. These dishes are bright and hand-painted and are perfect for serving Mexican food.

If you like the style, but not the bright colors, you might choose to go with the Pfaltzgraff Sedona pattern. It's more Southwestern-style, but it is great for a casual dinnerware set.

The Caleca Chili Peppers pattern is also a hit for kitchens decorated in Southwestern or Mexican décor.

Complete the Look of Your Kitchen

A Mexican-style kitchen wouldn't be complete without an Authentic Mexican Mortar and Pestle. This piece of art is made of volcanic stone that is hand-carved. It is perfect for mixing Mexican sauces and salsa or for grinding herbs and spices. I have one and I use it all the time. Bean pots are also nice accessories.

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