Kitchen Canister Sets: Find the Perfect One

Finding kitchen canister sets that match my kitchen décor has always been a problem for me, so much that I started using plastic containers for my flour, sugar, tea bags, and coffee, and keeping them under a cabinet instead of on the countertop. That is always an option, but I really like to have these essentials handy and accessible.

I have found that browsing eBay is a great way to find canister sets. Online auctions have always been my favorite place to look for vintage dinnerware and antique china dinnerware, but just recently I discovered that there is quite a variety of kitchen canisters, both old and new.

This discovery came about when I was searching for rooster décor when developing my French Country Kitchen webpage as well as ideas for French Country dinnerware.

Stainless Steel Canisters are commonly used in a French Country Kitchen. That started my mission of providing canister set options.

Old Dutch International Antique Embossed Canisters are a lovely set that looks antique, even though it is new.

If vintage is your style, you are bound to be thrilled with Vintage Canisters. There are some sets with vintage prints that are currently in production, but you can also look for vintage sets in second-hand stores, at garage sales, at antique shops, and online auctions.

I have a tendency to go with simplicity, so this English Baker's Stoneware Canister Set caught my eye.

The Country Store Kitchen Canister Set is also appealing. I believe I like it best because it's a four piece set labeled with the most used supplies in my kitchen. I also like the color selection.

Glass Containers are always a good option if you just can't find canisters that match your kitchen décor. I have taken approach quite often. In fact, I have some clear glass antique canisters that I sometimes use as canisters or cookie jars.

Ceramic canisters are always good to look into because there are many that come in solid colors that are phenomenal for coordinating purposes.

Some dinnerware manufacturers and distributors offer canister sets that coordinate with their dinnerware patterns. For instance, the Pfaltzgraff Napoli 3-Piece Canister Set perfectly matches their Napoli dinnerware pattern which is sold in open stock which is amazing.

I understand that finding perfect kitchen canister sets can be a challenge, but with enough curiosity and desire, I'm certain that you will find exactly what you need.

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