Hutschenreuther Dinnerware History

Hutchenreuther Dinnerware

Hutschenreuther dinnerware was originally produced by a porcelain company stationed in the town of Hohenburg in Bavaria, Germany. The company was founded by Carolus Magnus Hutschenreuther, and was opened in 1814. Mr. Hutschenreuther had the vision of opening the first privately owned porcelain company in the country.

He was very successful in making that dream come true. In fact, his passion for creating porcelain became a family tradition.

The founder's son, Lorenz Hutschenreuther, later opened another factory in the town of Selb in 1857. He also was successful and grew the company to be a major competitor in the international porcelain market, all of the time competing with his father's renowned factory. In 1969, the Selb company purchased to the original company and two became united.

Paul A. Straub, a New York based porcelain importer, marketed dinnerware from the Lorenz Hutschenreuther factory of Selb. In 1970, the Paul A. Straub and Company, Inc. was sold to HMW Industries who continued to import Hutschenreuther products through a subsidiary known as Wallace Silversmiths.

In 2000, the Hutschenreuther brand became part of the Rosenthal dinnerware company.

Hutschenreuther Dinnerware and Collectibles

Hutschenreuther dinnerware is definitely a brand of dinnerware that collector's love; however, there are many Hutschenreuther collectibles to choose from as well.

Hutschenreuther is known for producing German porcelain tableware, of course, but they also have manufacturers many home items and collectibles such as figurines, bells, vases, Christmas ornaments, and so forth.

Hutschenreuther Dinnerware and Collectibles

Personally, I like the vintage teapots and covered serving bowls. They are very original and quite attractive.

The platters and serveware items are designed to be practical, but beautiful. The patterns with roses are always nice.

I believe that one of my rose covered platters that used to hang on the wall was vintage Hutschenreuther, but don't know for sure because I don't have it anymore.

This dinnerware is ideal if you like vintage or antique dinnerware. If you intend to collect it, a China Identification Guide will be very helpful.

All of the Hutschenreuther porcelain dinnerware and collectibles that I have seen are gorgeous. The brand is definitely set on making fine china products that are highly crafted and elegant.

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