Gothic Dinnerware

Gothic Dinnerware by Mikasa

Gothic dinnerware is somewhat related to Medieval times which comes from European history from 500AD to around 1500AD. When I started looking for dinnerware, I was expecting to find black dinnerware and patterns with things like bats, vampires and gargoyles. I was surprised at what I found.

I found that popular dinnerware manufacturers of fine china make or made gothic patterns. The patterns are lovely and mostly consist of white porcelain dinnerware sets with black or platinum trim. Quite classy.

I also found some dinnerware with skulls on it when searching for Antique or vintage dinnerware.

Surprisingly, aside from the 222 Fifth dinnerware pattern with Gothic skulls, the rest of the dinnerware that I found is fine china.

Gothic Patterns

Currently, a gothic pattern is produced by the Mikasa dinnerware company. It is made from fine bone china, so it is elegant and strong. The trim includes platinum, so it does need special care, like hand washing and it isn't microwave-safe. It is a beautiful set with matching tableware accessories which makes it a perfect dinnerware set.

Mikasa Gothic Platinum

A gothic pattern is produced by Home Laughlin dinnerware as well. It has a green band, which was somewhat surprising to me, and it looks like it possibly has gold metallic trim. I don't know if this currently produced, or if it has been retired.

Homer Laughlin China Gothic Inverness Green

Spode dinnerware also made a gothic pattern. I'm pretty sure this has been retired, but you are likely find it through replacement companies or online auctions.

Spode Gothic Dinnerware

Because of the popularity of gothic decor, I'm sure that there will be other patterns introduced.

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