Fish Dinnerware

Fish Dinnerware - Spode Woodland Fish Collection

Fish dinnerware is available in several patterns from the Spode Woodland North American Fish Collection to fly fishing and offshore fish designs. For lighthearted d├ęcor, there is also bright, cartoon-looking fish dishes that are very cheery.

Being that I was raised in a family who often went fishing at mountain streams or freshwater lakes, I'm rather fond of the Spode Woodland Fish Collection .

There are several fish featured in the collection. The ones that I am most familiar with are the Rainbow Trout and the Large Mouthed Bass. Other fish in the collection include the Walleye, the Pacific Salmon, the Stream Salmon, the Roach fish, the Rudd, the Tench, and the Perch. Some of these patterns have been discontinued, but you can still get them through online auctions or replacement companies.

Fish Dinnerware

If you aren't a sportsman and you just want dinnerware with a fish design, you are likely to find the Le Souk Ceramique Aqua Fish Design dinnerware attractive. This is hand-painted dinnerware that is food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. It is created by artisans in Tunisia, a small country in North Africa. Its headquarters in the U.S. is in Washington state. The Aqua Fish Design is sold in open stock and there are several different dishes to choose from including the basic dinnerware pieces, square dishes, pitchers, platters, serving bowls, and so forth. There is also an interesting piece that I have never heard of. It is called a Serving Tagine. From what I gather, it is a pot that is used for serving stew. Some tagines are used for cooking, but some or just for serving. At any rate, it is an original piece of dinnerware.

Vietri Dinnerware produces several patterns of fish dinnerware that can be fun to mix and match with coordinating dinnerware. Here are a few of their patterns:

VIETRI Fish-Fish Assorted fish-shaped plates


Vietri Lastra Fish Canape Plate

Vietri Adriatic Fish Fish pattern

Sometimes sporting goods stores have original dinnerware that feature fish or fishing accessories. I found a flyfishing dinnerware set that I really liked at a sportsman store, but I didn't take a picture of it. I found one kind of like it online.

Golden Rabbit Fishing Fly Enamelware

Portmeirion has a dinnerware pattern that features the sea trout. It's kind of cute.

Portmeirion The Compleat Angler, Sea Trout

I found a nice gift for a fisherman. It is a place setting with a dinner plate and a mug decorated with a bass fish. It also includes flatware with shaped handles - rawfish, minnow and lure. Pretty cool set!

Bass Fishing Place Setting

Fish dinnerware is somewhat limited, but a pattern is released, they are usually pretty awesome. If you find a set that you like, I suggest that you buy it because they sell fast and they are few and far between.

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