How to Find Fine Dinnerware Replacements

Fine dinnerware replacements are usually available, but sometimes it includes a search, especially with retired dinnerware patterns.

In order to find replacements there are three things are valuable to know:

  1. The manufacturer
  2. The pattern name
  3. The name of the piece that needs replacing

In most cases, the manufacturer and pattern name can be found by studying the markings. Once you have that information, finding the name of the piece is easy by browsing images on the internet using the manufacturer and pattern name.

Interpreting the Marks on Fine China Dinnerware

It would be nice if every manufacturer used the same type of markings, but that would be in a perfect world, right?

Most companies make marks on the reverse side of the dish. Sometimes it is under the glaze in form of impressions, print or hand-painted. Occasionally the markings contain the manufacturer logo and the name of the pattern, but sometimes it contains codes and symbols.

Interpreting these markings can tell you all kinds of stuff like the age of the dinnerware, the manufacturer and pattern, and even the artist that created the piece.

China Identification Guide by Heinrich, Hutschenreuther, Rosenthal

There are books that are very helpful in identifying china that display common marks and what they mean. If you have absolutely no idea, you might want to consult with an antique dealer or use a dinnerware identification service.

Finding Replacements Once You Have the Info

Once you have identified the manufacturer and pattern, the search for replacements becomes so much easier.

  • You can always check with the manufacturer to see if they sell replacement pieces in open stock.
  • You can browse internet auctions looking for the piece.
  • You can seek the replacement piece through replacement companies that specialize in stocking discounted patterns.
  • Estate sales, garage sales, second hand stores, and antique shops are also a great place to find dinnerware replacements.

Restoring a precious dinnerware set with replacement pieces can be a journey, but the time spent will be well worth it to you.

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