Fiesta Dinnerware

If you like colorful dinnerware, you will love Fiesta dinnerware. It is ceramic dinnerware that has been produced in several solid colors since 1936. Over the years the colors have changed and this type of dinnerware has caught the attention of collectors.

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Fiesta Dinnerware Collection

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This dinnerware was designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead and it is produced and marketed by The Homer Laughlin China Company who owns the trademark. Its popularity prompted competitors to produce solid-colored dinnerware which led to the term "Fiestaware" which is used to describe colorful dinnerware; however, the original name of this dinnerware is simply "Fiesta".

Are You a Collector of Fiesta Dinnerware?

We would love to see your collection of Fiesta, hear your story and tips of how you use it to make your table setting spectacular!

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Fun Finding Fiesta!!! 
I grew up in Ohio near West Virginia so I was vaguely aware of the bright solid color dinnerware that we all know and love. In my 30's I got an antique …

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Fiesta Colors

This colorful dinnerware has been produced in several colors. They are available for a few years and then the colors change. Some dinnerware has been produced for limited runs (2 years or less). These include Sapphire, Lilac and Chartreuse.

What is really cool is that you can find Fiesta Dinnerware Sets in an individual color, or you can buy the dishes in open stock and mix and match the colors. I really like that idea.

Fiesta Dinnerware - Turquoise

Here is a list of colors and the years that they were introduced:

  • Red introduced in 1936 and again in 1959
  • Cobalt Blue introduced in 1936 and again in 1986
  • Green (Light) introduced in 1936
  • Yellow introduced in 1936 and again in 1987
  • Old Ivory introduced in 1936
  • Turquoise introduced in 1937 and again in 1988
  • Forest Green introduced in1951
  • Rose introduced in 1951 and again in 1987Fiesta Dinnerware - Paprika
  • Chartreuse introduced in 1951
  • Gray introduced in 1951
  • Medium Green introduced in 1959
  • Antique Gold introduced in 1969
  • Turf Green introduced in 1969
  • White introduced in 1986
  • Black introduced in 1986
  • Apricot introduced in 1986
  • Periwinkle Blue introduced in 1989
  • Sea Mist Green introduced in 1991
  • Lilac introduced in 1993
  • Persimmon introduced in1995
  • Sapphire introduced in 1996
  • Chartreuse introduced in 1997
  • Pearl Gray introduced in 1999
  • Juniper introduced in 2000
  • Cinnabar introduced in 2000
  • Sunflower introduced in 2001 Fiesta Dinnerware-Lemongrass
  • Plum introduced in 2002
  • Shamrock introduced in 2002
  • Tangerine introduced in 2003
  • Scarlet introduced in 2004
  • Peacock introduced in 2005
  • Heather introduced in 2006
  • Evergreen introduced in 2007
  • Ivory introduced in 2008
  • Marigold introduced in 2008
  • Chocolate introduced in 2008
  • Lemongrass introduced in 2009
  • Paprika introduced in 2010
  • Flamingo introduced in 2012
  • Lapis introduced in 2013

I wonder what 2014 has in store for us!

Fiesta Christmas Tree - Holiday Dinnerware

While Fiesta is known as solid-colored dinnerware, Homer Laughlin China has introduced a few seasonal patterns.

These include Fiesta Christmas Tree, Fiesta Candy Corn, Fiesta Fall Fantasy, Fiesta Happy Pumpkin, and Fiesta Scarecrow. Long ago Fiesta Casuals, featuring floral patterns, hit the market. These dinnerware patterns are ideal for coordinating with solid-colored Fiesta dinnerware.

Fiesta Identification

Fiesta Backstamp

To identify genuine Fiesta pieces, it pays to get familiar with the backstamps; however, unstamped Fiesta dishes are not uncommon.

If you intend to collect vintage Fiesta dishes, I suggest that you get a collector's guide to ensure that the pieces that you accumulate are actually authentic Fiesta.

When shopping in a Fiesta Dinnerware Outlet, you will realize that the dinnerware is not usually sold in sets. It is most frequently sold as open-stock which enables you to buy different colors of various pieces to design your own table with a touch of class.

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