Dolce Toscana

by Audrie Nolan
(Marion Il)

Missing 1 of each piece cup bowl plate got broken in the move would really like to replace it love this set

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Aug 08, 2015
Dolce Toscana by Ambiance
by: Misty

Hi Audrie,

Thanks for writing in. The Dolce Toscana pattern was distributed by Ambiance, also known as Ambiance Collections LLC and Romancing Provence Collections LLC. Sadly, they are no longer in business, so finding this pattern will take some searching, waiting and patience.

I love the mosaic embossed pattern and how it was mixed with the grape pattern for a unique look. I think it is well worth looking for.

I saw a pitcher and a dip and serving tray in this pattern on eBay, but that won't help you much in completing the set since you are missing a cup, plate and bowl. I would keep on eye on eBay to see if anyone sells pieces or a set.

You might try using the "find this for me" option at They have the pattern listed, but all of the basic pieces of a dinnerware set are currently out of stock. They too have some accessories in the Dolce Toscana pattern.

The best to you in finding the pieces that you are looking for. I will keep an eye out for it and post here is if I find some pieces that will help you to complete your set.

Have an awesome day!!


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