Dinnerware Square Selections

Dinnerware square patterns are easy to find these days as square tableware is currently considered to be contemporary dinnerware. The styles and colors are many, which is great because it will fit into any décor with a little shopping around. There are casual dinnerware sets, fine china dinnerware sets and everyday dinnerware to choose from.

Corelle Square Dinnerware Sets

Corelle Dinnerware Sets are a good choice if you want everyday dinnerware that is priced reasonably and durable. They produce some lovely patterns and they are continuously releasing new patterns and styles. Here are a few of their patterns, just to give you a peek.

The Corelle Square Dinnerware Set in Pure White is a favorite of amateur and gourmet chefs because it provides a background to show off the masterpiece. Personally, I love whiteware for serving.

This Corelle Simple Lines pattern is very modern and attractive. I like it because it's simple and combines well with other décor.

This Happy Days pattern can give you an idea of the variety of Corelle dinnerware patterns.

American Atelier Dinnerware Square

American Atelier is a brand of dinnerware that has taken on producing lovely square tableware. Their patterns are very upbeat and great for complementing many different style of décor. Here are a few of their unique patterns…

The American Atelier Safari White Zebra Dinnerware Set is perfect for Safari décor which is always considered chic in the fashion and décor world.

The American Atelier Boa patterns screams unique and the black and red patterns is very stylish. It also comes in white with black accents if you want real-looking snake skin as a dinnerware set.

This company isn't all into safari animals and creepy crawly creatures which is evident in this American Atelier Camille pattern. They also have floral patterns and zig zag patterns that I find very appealing. I like this brand because their designs are original. If you like the style, you might want to check out the rest of the American Atelier selections.

These are just two of the brands that I find fascinating. There are plenty of Square Tableware patterns and Square dinnerware sets to choose from.

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