Dinnerware Replacements and Restoration

Dinnerware Replacements and Restoration Services

Dinnerware replacements and antique restoration services are amazing if you have chipped or broken dishes or if a set of antique china dinnerware has started to craze. These services are phenomenal for preserving family heirlooms.

If you need to replace dinnerware pieces or if you require restoration services, here are some tips that will be helpful.

Check With the Manufacturer

Many dinnerware manufacturers offer replacement services of their currently produced dinnerware patterns. For instance, Pfaltzgraff and Oneida have replacement programs.

Some of the replacement programs are part of the lifetime warranty, where you register your pattern and you can replace pieces at half the price of repurchasing them. It is worth checking with the dinnerware manufacturer of your dinnerware to see if the service is available.

Look for Your Pattern through Online Auctions

Dinnerware Replacements and Antique Restoration Services

eBay is a great place to shop for replacement dinnerware. You will find that there are complete dinnerware sets available, and often individual pieces or place settings, especially when it comes to antique dinnerware and expensive brands of dinnerware.

I used eBay to complete my set of Royal Albert dinnerware. I started out with a ten-piece tea set, and now I have a complete service for twelve. I'm about to start adding serveware pieces. I got a great deal!

Search Replacement Companies

There are many dinnerware replacement companies. Probably the best is Replacements, LTD. They claim to have over 400,000 patterns of new and old dinnerware, tableware and collectibles. They also offer a "Find This For Me" service and offer a free pattern identification service. They have impressed me.

Antique Restoration Services

Dinnerware Replacements and Antique Restoration Services

It can be difficult to find local restoration services for antique china dinnerware, but some do exist. I have found that most restorers of dinnerware have a disclaimer that says their restoration services are for decorating purposes only, which means that they don't guarantee that restored items will be food safe.

If you intend to use the dinnerware for serving food, you are better off looking for replacement pieces; however, if you just want to preserve the dinnerware because it is a family heirloom, looking into restoration is worthwhile.

WWRD (Waterford, Wedgwood and Royal Doulton) provides a list of restoration services on their website. I would trust this list better that a list obtained through an internet search because of the credibility of the referrer.

Replacement dinnerware and restoration services can help you to keep your set complete throughout your lifetime and to restore heirlooms. It is well worth the effort to keep a set complete and beautiful.

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