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China dinnerware sets are of higher quality than casual dinnerware sets; therefore, they are a bit more expensive that your everyday dinnerware. In most households, this type of dinnerware is used for special events or holidays because they require special care. They are ideal for fine dining.

Most fine china manufacturers do not sell their dinnerware in a set. Rather, they make it available in open stock or place settings. That is very beneficial for you, the consumer, because you can purchase a china dinnerware set that you can afford and add to it over the years.

Here are a few of the most popular producers and brands of fine china dinnerware sets that you can depend on to create a set that is perfect for you.

Fine China Dinnerware Manufacturers and Brands

Lenox is a producer of both casual dinnerware sets and fine china. Their fine china patterns are available in place settings and open stock. Some of their most popular patterns are the Holiday pattern, which is a fine china pattern of Christmas dinnerware, and the Butterfly Meadow pattern, which is casual dinnerware.

Martha Stewart endorses dinnerware in both casual dinnerware and fine china. Wedgwood is the actual manufacturer of her fine china patterns. They are elegant and modern. Some of her dinnerware designs are sold exclusively by Macy's.

Mikasa makes dinnerware is both casual dinnerware sets and fine china, which is most often found in place settings and open stock. They do a good job in keeping up modern designs, which is evident in this square dinnerware set with platinum trim. They are the manufacturer of the Love Story pattern, which I find to be adorable.

Nikko produces dinnerware in both casual sets and fine china. Some of their fine china patterns, such as the Perennial Green pattern and the Perennial Indigo pattern, do not use metallic d├ęcor, so they are more modern in that they can be used in the microwave and are dishwasher safe. They bring a bit of color to the table.

Noritake also makes casual and fine china dinnerware. This Sweet Leilani pattern was my first set of fine china. It is delicate and feminine and I absolutely loved it. It was a gift from my mother. I was uneducated about dinnerware and I used it for everyday use. Eventually pieces got broken or chipped and I don't have any of the pieces anymore.

Rosenthal is a German-based manufacturer of dinnerware. They make both casual and fine china sets and recently they became the manufacturer of Versace brand of fine dinnerware.

Royal Doulton/Royal Albert is my favorite producer of English dinnerware. Their Old Country Roses pattern has been known to be the best selling pattern of fine china. I have a set of the Moonlight Rose pattern that I started in 1989 on my first trip to London, England.

Originally I bought a tea set and I have added it over the years to complete a full set of dinnerware, service for 12.

Spode makes some fine bone china patterns. In fact, the company is known for perfecting the process of producing bone china and it has in been in existence since the 1700s. Perhaps the most popular pattern of this brand is a holiday pattern called Spode Christmas Tree.

The Spode Woodland pattern is also popular in the United States although technically, it is not considered fine china.

Versace is a brand of fine dinnerware that is currently produced by Rosenthal. The designs were the creation of the legendary Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace. The designs are modern and very fashionable.

Wedgwood is a long term manufacturer of English china. They carry a variety of fine china patterns that are just spectacular. They also produce collectables, like the Jasperware line that is just adorable. I really like the designs that Wedgwood has come with over the last three centuries. In my eyes, they are a manufacturer that you trust in regard to quality.

These are the best known producers of high quality fine china dinnerware sets. To create a set, buy what you can afford and add to the set as your budget allows. Their patterns are popular and if your chosen pattern is retired, you can most likely find pieces to complete the set through replacement companies or through online auctions.

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