Casafina Dinnerware

Casafina dinnerware is a fairly new addition to the product line of Casafina. They have been long known for their unique, imported hand-painted ceramics from Italy and Portugal. The addition of Casafina Stoneware and Earthenware dinnerware is fabulous.

Many of the dinnerware patterns by Casafina feature embossed dinnerware pieces.  The embossed patterns create a bit of luxury to solid colored dinnerware. 

Personally, I like them because they make it easy to create lavish table settings without taking away from the rest of the table décor.  In addition to the dinnerware lines, Casafina also offers bakeware and serveware to complement the dinnerware patterns.

For a perfectly decorated kitchen or dining table, Casafina dinnerware is worth looking into.

Stoneware Patterns of Casafina Dinnerware    

Casafina Stone offers several patterns that are so adorable…

Autumn Waves is available in several colors including honey, pumpkin, oatmeal and celery. The dishes have curvy edges which is very attractive. There are even ribbon bakers that match the dinnerware sets.

Buena Bistro is remarkable. I like the sand stone patterns, but the terra cotta and slate are nice too.

The Impressions line is quite lovely and fancier than the rest. It is offered in blush pink, linen white, celery, mocha, and butter cream. These are perfect for mixing and matching and add style to the table.

Vintage Port has to be my favorite. Some of the dishes are square but they have curves around the edges. The pieces are great mixed and matched in red, mocha, cream, white, and green.

I find Madeira Harvest to be antique-looking. That probably is due to the fruit decorations that are made into the pattern. The colors are adorable and fit for mixing and matching. Moss, honey, sage green, Dijon gold, robin's egg blue, vanilla cream, smoked salmon, and white or among the choices.

The Meridian patterns in white or green are great for table setting. The shapes of the dishes and the simplicity of pattern go far in my book.

Their patterned stoneware is appealing. The Li An pattern looks oriental. The Li An pattern is perfect for holiday dinnerware and the Red Polka Dots is way cute.

The Sun Valley patterns in peach, avocado and aqua are beautiful they look a lot like pottery dinnerware only they are shinier than standard pottery.

The Forum pattern is quite unique and it comes in several colors.  The dishes look hand-made as the shape is not precise.  The pasta dishes in this pattern are great. 

Earthenware from Casafina

Casafina offers earthenware that is perfect if you like busy patterns.

These include Nazare , Seventeenth Century, Alentejo Uvas, Alentejo Novo.  If you are more into solid colors, you will love the Alhambra pattern in green, white or celadon.

Casafina also offers hand-painted dishes that are beautiful.  These include the hand-painted Snowman and Snowflakes cookie jar; quite a find for serving holiday cookies. 


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