Calvin Klein Dinnerware and Tableware

Calvin Klein dinnerware is quite attractive whether you are looking for casual dinnerware sets or something more formal like bone china dinnerware.  The tableware line can definitely bring fashion to your table. 

Calvin Klein Incorporated was founded by the famous American fashion designer, Calvin Klein, in 1968.  Mr. Klein is highly respected in the fashion industry and received many awards for the designs that bear his name. 

In 2002, the company was sold and is now owned by Phillips Van Heusen Corporation, who still distributes fashionable items under the Calvin Klein brand.  Dinnerware choices, past and present, include both casual dinnerware sets and fine china. 

Current Calvin Klein Dinnerware Patterns

Patterns currently produced in the Calvin Klein Collection include:

  • Georgica Dover
  • Georgica Onyx
  • Gold Fleck
  • Mercer Arctic
  • Mercer Stone
  • Mercer Wake

 These patterns are somewhat casual, but well suited to use for fine dining experiences.  These dinnerware patterns are usually available at exclusive department stores.   

Previous Calvin Klein Dinnerware Patterns

The designs of dinnerware and tableware offered by Calvin Klein are very appealing..

If you like simplicity combined with style, you will love the Cargo line by Calvin Klein. This pattern was made in Cargo White, Cargo Cream, Cargo Slate Blue, Cargo Raisin, and Cargo Black - all part of the Calvin Klein Khaki Collection.

The Basso stoneware sets are also appealing with polished interior contrasted with matte exterior. These sets are available in several colors including Bone, Ceylon, Ash and Graphite.

Another interesting pattern is the Graffiti Graphite dinnerware set. It is made of contoured square stoneware pieces that are black with white etched into the surface - quite modern and fashionable. Graffiti White is also available if you like to mix and match your dinnerware.

Other casual sets of Calvin Klein Dinnerware include…

  • Basso Blossom - white porcelain with dainty blue petals on branches
  • Basso Bone - a nice 5 piece setting of casual dinnerware
  • Blue Stencil - a dinnerware set that is appropriate for either fine or casual dining - very unique with shades of blue on bone
  • Grid - white porcelain dinnerware with a raised grid pattern
  • Luna - a gorgeous, deep mahogany dinnerware set
  • Mollusk - an Asian design with textured edges
  • Nomad - an awesome porcelain set with rustic shades inspired by aboriginal artwork
  • Stoneware Kohl - a geometric design with a buffed matte finish
  • Thistle - stoneware with a botanical pattern (I love the soup bowl!)
  • Tonal Floral - a nice five piece set of dinnerware

If you are into high-gloss, metallic banded dinnerware you will like the Calvin Klein Metallic Basso dinnerware sets. They are high-gloss, porcelain dinnerware sets with a metallic band in either platinum or gold.

The Gilded Band is bone china dinnerware with bands in 24 karat gold - very appealing for fine dining. It goes great for mix and match tendencies along with the Tula pattern that features the lotus flower in gold.

Other patterns of fine bone china by Calvin Klein include…

  • Herringbone - a five piece fine china setting
  • Platinum Grain - fine bone china with platinum leaves
  • Silhouette - fine bone china with modern-style leaves and flowers and a metallic band
  • Waverly - bone china with a pattern of wildflowers with a touch of blue and platinum

Calvin Klein is a renowned brand of things that are fashionable and in style. I was amazed when I first found out that they were making dinnerware. The company has been around all of my life, since 1968.

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