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Bowls dinnerware choices can really make a difference to some when choosing a dinnerware set. For me, both the bowls and the mugs matter. What is really cool is that many times you can find that bowls and mugs are sold separately from dinnerware sets to actually give you an option of the shape and depth of these preferred items.

If you are as picky as I am, sometimes it is better to buy open stock dinnerware rather than a pre-made dinnerware set.

Sometimes preferences depend on what you are actually serving. Some prefer large, deep bowls for anything, while others prefer shallow bowls for automatic portion control. At any rate, it is possible to find the bowls that you desire if you're willing to shop around. Here are the most common types of bowls dinnerware to choose from.

The Cereal Bowl

Cereal bowls are generally rather shallow and a bit wider than other types of bowls. This style is most commonly found in dinnerware sets; however, some dinnerware companies have combined the cereal/soup style to meet preferences of consumers.

In general, this type of bowl is adequate for serving cereal, soups, salads, and even desserts; however, it is common for people to prefer deeper bowls. My family does, so I pay attention to the shape of the bowl when selecting dinnerware. Otherwise, my mixing bowls will be used for everything and that creates so much waste. I have to meet them in the middle, so to speak.

The Soup Bowl

The shape and depth of soup bowls are preferred in my family. We use it for everything including cereal, soup, salads, and ice cream. When I had a set that had standard cereal bowls, I had a separate set of soup bowls with handles which went over well. Now, we have a dinnerware set that has deeper bowls, so the extra bowls aren't needed.

The Salad Bowl

Salad bowls are something that me and my honey don't agree on. I would rather have salad in a shallow, wide bowl so that the dressing can go over the majority of the salad. He likes a deep, narrow bowl because he stirs up the dressing into the salad and he uses a lot of dressing.

In general, salad bowls are shaped a lot like cereal bowls and they are not very deep. Some actually prefer salad plates rather than bowls dinnerware.

The Pasta Bowl

In my opinion, it makes total sense to have a separate set of pasta bowls if your family eats a lot of pasta. It makes it easier to twirl spaghetti or fettuccini using a fork and a pasta spoon. I like the pasta bowls that have wide edges best. It can be embarrassing to eat pasta in public without the right tools. We have always served it on plates which makes for messy faces.

These are the most commonly used types of bowls dinnerware choices. If I'm choosing a dinnerware set, I most often go for the one that has soup bowls because in my family they are most preferred shape and size for everything. Versatility matters to me. I used to have separate sets of bowls for serving different things and that can make limited cabinet space a problem. At any rate, these bowls can be purchased separately from a dinnerware set to ensure the needs of your family and guests are met.

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