Bamboo Dinnerware

Bamboo dinnerware, made of bamboo, is becoming ever-popular, especially for folks who want to go green. It is eco-friendly, because it is made from a renewable resource, and it is biodegradable. Needless to say, it is fairly an unbreakable dinnerware choice.

Some is produced to be disposable dinnerware, which only makes sense to use one of the world's fasting growing plants for disposable items. Some of the dinnerware is made to be durable for long-term use. Even the disposable dinnerware can be reused if taken care of properly.

Aside from dishes made of bamboo, some dinnerware, made of different products, features the bamboo plant because of its beauty and originality.

Dinnerware Made from Bamboo

This type of dinnerware is available in dinnerware sets and in open stock where you can mix and match your favorite pieces.

This Bamboo Party-Pack from Bamboo Studio is perfect for serving a party of four. It includes 4 of each: 10" plates, 8" plates, 7" bowls, 5" plates, 8.5" boats, and disposable utensils for four. Pretty good deal!

Personally, I like the 3-Piece Salad Set by Lipper International. It is nice with the Bamboo Bowl Set that company also puts out.

They also make a square salad set if you like that style.

Honestly, there are tons of options for bamboo dinnerware. You should check them out.

Dinnerware with Bamboo Features

Bamboo Leaf, a Corelle dinnerware pattern, showcases the foliage of the bamboo plant wonderfully on this square tableware. Corelle dinnerware is very durable, made of bonded glass. Some say it is unbreakable dinnerware.

The Bamboo pattern by Florida Marketplace is also appealing. The bamboo design is featured on ceramic dinnerware in beige and brown tones.

The Mikasa Bamboo Reeds pattern is very unique. It features the reeds of a bamboo plant on a dark matte glaze. The plates are square with rounded bowls and cups. I like the matte finish because it isn't really shiny like most black dinnerware. It is very modern.

If you prefer whiteware, you are sure to like the Juliska Classic Bamboo dinnerware set. This pattern would likely be my choice because there are so many matching serving accessories to complement the set. Plus, I like whiteware and brown tones.

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