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Baby dinnerware can be useful or a keepsake. When my boys were babies, my mother gave us some awesome glass dinnerware sets that were actually a reproduction of antique nursery rhyme dishes. I have them put up to pass down to my grandkids as keepsakes. They have images of Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill and other Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes.

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Keepsake Dinnerware for the Little Ones

Some fine china dinnerware companies produce dinnerware for babies that are just adorable. They are wonderful keepsakes and they can be used to decorate the nursery.

Here are some of my favorites:

Most of these are still in production; however, some of them have been retired.

For keepsake silverware patterns for babies or children, take a look at what is available in Oneida Silverware. It is just precious.

More Practical Dinnerware for Babies

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When it comes to feeding dinnerware for babies and toddlers, plastic dinnerware or melamine dinnerware sets are more practical than the fine china keepsakes. When a baby first starts eating, suction plates or bowls are very useful and sippy cups and on-the-go snack bowls with lids are a must throughout the toddler years. Babies and toddlers are naturally clumsy when it comes to using dishes, not to mention their games and spells of disagreement.

Even babies know how to express their dislike for certain foods, which usually leads to knocking the dishes off of the high chair tray. If you have ever fed a baby, I'm sure you can relate to the "accidental" drops and the game of throwing the dishes on the floor for entertainment, as a resolution to boredom or in a temper tantrum. During these phases of life, unbreakable dinnerware seems like a God send.

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