Apilco Dinnerware: Designed for Chefs

Apilco dinnerware is a favorite among chefs. This French dinnerware is made of porcelain. The Apilco company was founded in 1826 by the Deshoulières family with the mission to create aesthetic dinnerware to meet the aspirations of the leading chefs. The result is an oven to tableware collection of high quality that is as durable enough to use as restaurant dinnerware and visibly attractive for a modern table setting.

In general, chefs prefer whiteware, white dinnerware with little to no designs. Designs have a tendency to compete with the aesthetically of the food that is being presented. To suit different preferences but stick with idea of not competing with the food, the dinnerware is created in whiteware, eggplant, red, green, taupe and yellow, some of the dinnerware selections are embossed, and some of the dinnerware has a blue trim on white dinnerware.

Personally, I am particularly fond of the whiteware selection offered by the Apilco dinnerware brand.

Apilco Dinnerware, Bakeware and Serveware

What I really like about Apilco is the pieces that are designed for baking gourmet dishes and desserts and for serving common creations in style. The Apilco Culinaire Blanc Lion Head Soup Tureen is one of my favorite serving pieces. I often make soup, stew or beans and this piece would dress up the table and make the contents look more appealing. I love crème brulee and individually baked desserts and appetizers. The bakeware and Apilco accessories make it possible to prepare awesome dishes that just look gourmet. Here are some choices that I'm sure you'll love:

  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Oval Covered Casserole
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Sevres Creamer
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Round Cake Platter
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Quiche Dish
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Octagonal Foie Gras Terrine
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Deep Oval Roasting Pan
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Souffle Dish
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Rice Bowl
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Pitcher
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Oyster Plate
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Round Footed Salad Bowl
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Fluted Oven Dish
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Oval Eared Dish
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Mortar & Pestle Set
  •     Apilco Culinaire Blanc Ramekin

These dishes were created through the vision of top French chefs. They inspire me to cook gourmet dishes.

Porcelain dinnerware is of high value. It is referred to china or fine china. It is fired at a high temperature which results in strength and durability. The shell-like appearance makes it look dainty; however, the Apilco dishes are of restaurant quality, so it is very dependable in making your dishes look appealing while being long-lasting.

I find this dinnerware, bakeware and serving accessories to be very inspiring. They make me want to prepare original dishes with an aesthetic viewpoint making entertaining guests something to look forward to.

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