What Is Acrylic Dinnerware?

The term "acrylic dinnerware" is often used to describe plastic dinnerware. Actually the word acrylic is used to describe many things that are man-made through a scientific manufacturing process that uses acrylic acid in the process.

When it comes to dinnerware, this term applies to "glass looking" dinnerware and glasses that are actually made of plastic.

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Plastic tumblers, plastic plates and plastic serving trays are popular in families with small children or for outdoor dining. It is comparably cheap, somewhat unbreakable, and some even consider it to be disposable dinnerware.

A lot of melamine dinnerware sets include acrylic tumblers with them because the uses of melamine and acrylic dishes are so similar.

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They are great for picnics, backyard parties, camping trips, beach outings, and of course, for everyday use for a family that is hard on dishes. They are a lot less likely to break and less expensive to replace than ceramic or porcelain dinnerware.

There are many manufacturers of acrylic dinnerware - too many to list - but you will run across a lot of options when searching for plastic dinnerware.

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Also, many renowned dinnerware manufacturers actually sell coordinates that are made of acrylic to match their dinnerware. For instance, Corelle offers acrylic tumblers that match their dinnerware patterns and so does Pfaltzgraff.

When my kids were young, my cabinets were pretty much filled with plastic and acrylic dishes. It only makes sense to use dinnerware that is hard to destroy when your children are little. You can save the expensive dinnerware options for when your children are grown. Dinnerware made for kids is ideal for kids from baby to teen. Zak Designs makes a lot of children's dinnerware sets.

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My boys, now 20 and 17, just ate off of my Royal Albert china for the first time this last Christmas. The youngest one started asking, "Why do we have all these dishes that we don't use?" Pretty comical really coming from a teenage boy, but they seemed more excited about eating the "fancy junk food" that I prepared for them on Christmas Eve.

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