16 Piece Dinnerware Sets

Most 16 piece dinnerware sets include four place settings.  The pieces in a place setting usually consist of a dinner plate, a small plate, a bowl, and a mug or glass.  These are the most commonly used dishes in the majority households.

Some dinnerware manufacturers also offer serving sets to complement the dinnerware sets, and many make available alternate dishes and kitchen that go perfectly with the set to create a wonderfully put together kitchen or dining assortment.

Dinnerware sets are useful for serving daily meals, but they can also contribute to decorating your kitchen or dining room.  For this reason, you might opt for practical dishes, or you might be looking for beautiful dishes to accent your décor.  Regardless of your vision, you are sure to find a 16 piece set that suits you. 

Choices in 16 Piece Dinnerware Sets

Dinnerware sets are available in just about any color you can imagine.  Solid colored dinnerware patterns that accent the decor are very popular.  Two tone patterns and beautiful, decorative patterns that take the stage in setting the style of décor are also in demand.

When it comes to 16 piece sets, the variety is pretty amazing and it is possibly the most affordable way to buy dishes that are practical in nature. 

It is good to be aware of the type of material that is used to construct the dinnerware when shopping for a set.  Fine china often consists of porcelain or bone china.  Casual sets nowadays often use porcelain, bonded glass, ceramic material, stoneware, or earthenware.  All of these materials differ in durability, appearance and price.

Other Ways to Buy Dinnerware

While 16 piece dinnerware sets are most common, there are also other ways to purchase dinnerware.  Casual dinnerware sets are often available in 18 piece dinnerware sets which usually consists of a three piece setting for six people.    

Place settings are most common in formal dinnerware as is open stock.  Open stock is where you can buy pieces individually.  These options are most common for more expensive dinnerware choices. 

Open stock is wonderful, in my opinion, because you can actually buy the pieces that you will most commonly use and you are not limited to the choices that come in dinnerware sets.  My bunch likes big mugs and deep bowls and we don't use small plates very often so open stock works best for us.

The best to you in finding the dinnerware that meets your expectations.  The choices are many.  Feel free to browse the site looking for patterns that will bring your vision to life.  Have tons of fun! 

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