Winterberry Dinnerware

Winterberry Dinnerware

Winterberry dinnerware is a favorite pattern for wintertime and the holidays. It is made by the Pfaltzgraff dinnerware company. Some use it as Christmas dinnerware; however, it isn't extremely Christmassy.

It does feature bright holly berries in evergreen foliage, so it fits perfectly into holiday décor, but it can also be used for other purposes. If your kitchen or dining room décor is in shades of red or green, this dinnerware pattern will coordinate without a hitch.

Winterberry Dinnerware Serveware

This timeless classic has been in production for over twenty years. It is a best selling pattern in America. The sculpted dinnerware and serveware is very elegant. Due to its popularly, this pattern is also used in beautiful glassware, giftware and home décor.

If you are looking for Winterberry dinnerware, I suggest you go to source first. The dinnerware manufacturer will have the largest selection of currently produces pieces; however, since this pattern has been around for awhile, you may find some unique pieces that have been retired from other sources.

Here some recommendations of where to look for the Winterberry pattern:

Winterberry Dinnerware Glassware

I found quite a collection through these links and they don't all have the same pieces.

I like that the cardinal was added to some pieces. I love red cardinals and they accentuate the holly berries nicely.

Winterberry Dinnerware - Cookies and Milk for Santa

Some of the real Christmassy dishes feature Santa, which is great if you have kids. The "Cookies and Milk for Santa" set in the Winterberry pattern is pretty awesome. It is nice to have kid friendly dinnerware to match your primary décor.

Personally, I like the dinnerware patterns that have been around for awhile because you can usually find original serveware and kitchen décor that goes along with the dinnerware design. The variety of dishes is a lot better than it is for a newly introduced pattern.

This is just one of the holiday patterns that is used for Christmas dinnerware. You might be interested in other holiday dinnerware patterns.