Willow Blue Collectibles

Willow Blue - Blue Willow Collectibles

Willow blue is a highly collectible pattern. The Blue Willow design has been produced for over 200 years. Antique and vintage items may be worth a lot of money, even though the pattern is still being manufactured.

Willow Blue - Blue Willow Collectibles

Blue Willow china is just gorgeous. The pattern displays Chinese dwellings, a bridge with men on it, a boat, and a couple of love birds surrounded by weeping willows and other foliage.

The pattern itself represents a legend about a girl who falls in love with a man who her father disapproves of. The two lovers set sail to another location. When her father tries to overtake them, the Gods turn them into birds and they fly away to be together.

The Willow Blue concept was inspired by Blue and White Porcelain that was made in China; however, the popular Blue Willow design was developed in England. It became popular in Europe and the United States. The pattern looks oriental which was a fascination during the time that the pattern was developed.

Collectible Blue Willow Dishes

Willow Blue - Blue Willow China

There are tons of options when it comes to Blue Willow Collectibles. You can select dishes from a specific manufacturer, vintage or antique dishes from a particular era, or you can go with currently produced Blue Willow dishes.

Collectible dishes range from Blue Willow plates to a complete Blue Willow dinnerware set . There are an enormous amount of dishes in various styles from several dinnerware manufacturers.

Willow Blue - Blue Willow China

Personally, I like the Blue Willow tea sets. A tea set can be a central item in Blue Willow décor with accompanying vases and ginger jars setting on tables or shelves. If you don't like the traditional tea set style with dainty cups and saucers, you might be interested in a Blue Willow teapot with Blue Willow mugs.

There is also fabric that features the Blue Willow design, along with lamps, tapestries, wallpaper and borders, and so forth.

These items make the Blue Willow design perfect for home décor.