Wildlife Dinnerware

Spode Woodland Dinnerware - Elk Pattern Wildlife dinnerware has always been present in my life as hunters and fishers are plentiful in my family. Most of our vacations included renting a cabin on a lake, or hunting in the mountains and it was always a family gathering.

Here are some popular types of dinnerware relating to wildlife. Antler Flatware is also a favorite accessory of wildlife lovers.

Pottery Dinnerware

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These may seem to be unrelated to you, but this is the type of dinnerware that all fit into my lifestyle as a country girl, so to me they all fit together!

I love these styles, but since I've left home, I have never decorated in these decorating themes. Probably because most of my relatives have homes in that type of décor, and I can enjoy it when I visit.

I did decorate my home in Southwest décor once, but that didn't last for long. I tend use color schemes that are heavy on brown and cream, but most times I have somewhat stayed away from rustic décor, western décor and country dinnerware, although I do love it.

Currently, I'm using a Pfaltzgraff Cappuccino Dinnerware Set that I really like. It fits perfectly into my decorating theme without taking away from it. My color scheme consists of browns, burgundy and dark green, so the cream-colored dinnerware is complementary and doesn't stand out too much.