Shopping for Wholesale Dinnerware

Wholesale dinnerware products are usually sold in cases, for instance, a case of 12 dinnerware plates, or a case of 12 dinnerware sets (that's a lot of dishes)! Other items are bought separately, also by the case. For some households, it may make sense to buy wholesale if given the chance, but most families can live with the pre-selected dinnerware pieces that usually come in a dinnerware set.

Generally, consumer dinnerware is sold in dinnerware sets that contain the most-used and desired pieces of most families. Some popular dinnerware patterns are also sold in open stock in order to make the mix and match practice more doable. Casual dinnerware sets are priced rather reasonably and offers a greater variety of patterns than wholesale products generally do.

Restaurant dinnerware is often available at wholesale prices, but in most cases it is kind of ugly when compared to the great variety of patterns that are available to consumers. I have considered buying restaurant patterns when my kids were hard on dishes because of the durability, but I never get past the drabness of the selection.

I prefer cheerful and colorful patterns in my kitchen, but to each her own. If you are shopping for dinnerware for your family and you run across a great wholesale deal, I can see you taking advantage of it. However, don't go out looking for wholesale prices with the intent of finding fabulously cute dinnerware. Doing so would just set you up for disappointment.

If saving money is your primary goal, you are better off shopping for discount dinnerware sets rather than wholesale bargains. You'll experience a better variety at great prices.