Is There Really Unbreakable Dinnerware?

Doskocil Stainless Steel Dinnerware Set

If you have raised your kids to adulthood, you probably know that unbreakable dinnerware doesn't really exist. All dishes are pretty much destroyable one way or another. From chips to cracks and from crushed to burnt, kids can play havoc on your dishes, utensils and even pots and pans. The best you can do is to get "hard to break" material.

Melamine, Melmac and Acrylic Dinnerware

Pfalzgraff Melamine Acrylic Dinnerware Set

Melamine dinnerware sets are perfect for a growing family because they don't shatter when you drop them; however, they are not microwave safe. Melamine resin absorbs the radiation from the microwave and it gets very hot. It also scratches and stains easily.

Melamine, Melmac and acrylic dinnerware has become more in demand for outside dinnerware as opposed to everyday dishes.

They are perfect for serving on the patio, on the beach or for camping because they are made of hard plastic that is hard to break.

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Enamelware and Stainless Steel

Coleman Enamelware Camping Dinnerware

Camping dinnerware, such as the enamelware, is unbreakable dinnerware. There is also stainless steel dinnerware is perfect for dining in the outdoors. Of course, this type of dinnerware is not microwave safe, but it is beyond durable.

Personally, I love enamelware for camping. Sometimes the plates get hot, depending on what you are serving, so it is important to have towels to drape over the lap while eating around a campfire.

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Everyday Dinnerware

Corelle Dinnerware

For everyday dinnerware that is hard to break, I would recommend Corelle. First introduced in 1970, Corelle dinnerware is known for durability.

It is actually made of three layers of glass that are thermally bonded together and glazed to provide strength, durability and scratch resistance. Corelle dishes are microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. They are hard to break or chip and they are fairly fade resistant.

There are several patterns of Corelle dinnerware and they are very attractive and lightweight.

Bamboo dinnerware is also known to be unbreakable. It is very inexpensive because it is intended to be disposable dinnerware, although it is possible to reuse many times if you take good care of it.

Baby Dinnerware

Baby Dinnerware Sets

Of course for a baby who is just learning to eat themselves, you want unbreakable dinnerware. Most dishes for babies are made of plastic. Some are microwave safe; however, it is really not recommended to microwave meals for a baby in the dish that you serve in. You always have to be cautious to make sure that the food is not too hot and certainly that the dishes aren't hot while feeding a baby.

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I loved the bowls with lids when my boys were small. It made it easy to take snacks on the go and to serve them wherever we were. I just slipped the bowl into the diaper bag and didn't have to worry about leaks. They also used sippy cups regularly until they learned not to spill their drinks.

For a family, with toddlers, children or teens, Zak! Designs is a blessing. Their dishes are fun-filled and practical from daily use to on-the-go meals.