Decorating with the Blue Willow

The Blue Willow Home Decor

The Blue Willow design looks oriental, although the pattern was developed in England. Inspiration for the pattern came from hand-painted Chinese blue and white porcelain.

The pattern is thought to be based on a old Chinese legend, but the legend has been claimed to be specifically developed to promote the sale of the dinnerware that features the pattern. At any rate, the dinnerware pattern is beautiful and has expanded into a popular design for home décor since its creation in the 1700s.

The design is blue, with the pattern set on white. It features a Chinese scene with weeping willows, pagodas, people on a bridge, and a pair of lovebirds.

One of he legends that it is supposedly based on is about two devoted lovers who were overtaken by the girl's father and were transformed into birds who were out of his reach. Various legends surround this pattern.

The Blue Willow Home

Blue Willow Home decor

I would love to decorate my home with Blue Willow. There are so many options of Blue Willow décor to choose from.

Blue Willow window treatments are available as well as fabric. It can be handy in creating curtains, throw pillows, table cloths, chair covers, placemats, and so forth.

The availability of fabric is a plus when it comes to decorating and you can save a lot of money if you have a knack for sewing.

This pattern is most frequently used in kitchen and dining room décor, but the possibilities are endless. In fact, you can decorate a whole home with this décor theme.

Of course Blue Willow China pieces are popular décor items, along with Blue Willow dinnerware.

Blue Willow dishes include various pieces from vases to collectors Blue Willow plates.

Blue Willow Home Decor

I have seen Blue Willow decor for the bedroom and bathroom, including wallpaper, comforters and bedspreads, shower curtains and rugs. I have even seen clocks with Blue Willow design.

Blue Willow tea sets are always nice and definitely add the ambiance of a room.

What I like about the pattern is the choices that it presents. You can use solid blue and white décor as the foundation of the décor and accent with Blue Willow china, or you can use Blue Willow as the main theme and accent with blue and white décor. Cobalt blue décor is always easy to find and it matches the pattern perfectly.