Sunflower Dinnerware

Sunflower dinnerware can be used as a main theme, or as an added touch to a country kitchen. Depending on your taste and style, you may want to have everything in the kitchen or dining room adorned with sunflowers. The more subtle approach uses this beautiful flower as a complement to the rest of the décor, rather than making it 'the main event'.

I have often seen country dinnerware that has sunflowers in the background. I really like this approach because the sunflowers aren't overwhelming, but they are a nice accent to play upon by putting a bouquet of sunflowers in a rustic tin vase or pitcher. This method of decorating is my cup of tea because I am a country girl, not a lover of sunflowers.

Sunflowers and rooster decor often go along with rustic dinnerware, which is one of my favorites, and they fit well into a French country kitchen.

On the other hand, some people just love sunflowers and want to make them the main theme of the kitchen décor. At any rate, I'm sure you will find the selections of casual dinnerware sets adorned with sunflowers delightful.

Sunflower Dinnerware Selections

If the flowers are not your main theme, but you are trying to complement the décor with coordinating dinnerware, you might find a Fiesta Sunflower set to be just want you've been looking for.

If you like dark, subtle colors, you might find the Rustic Sunflower Set to fit into your vision. I really like this pattern because it isn't too bright, but it is very inspiring.

Sunflowers are sometimes used in Tuscan décor as seen in the Certified International Tuscan Sunflower dinnerware set. This would be my preference if I chose a sunflower theme. A Tuscan Sunflower Canister Set is also available which completes the look.

If vibrant colors are your taste, you might find this Sunflower pattern appealing. Honestly, it is a little too much for me, but it sure is bright and cheerful.

To tone it down a bit, the Clay Art Tuscan Sunflower pattern is inspirational. I like it because the sunflowers seem to be etched into the dinnerware and they look like the real thing. The design is somewhat rustic and the colors fit my style.

The Euland China Sunflower pattern is nice. It is bright, but the solid white background brings a touch of class to the sunflowers. The arrangement of the flowers is wonderful and keeps them from being overwhelming. I would really like this pattern in a kitchen with white walls, appliances and tile with a bit of yellow added, perhaps with window curtains or a yellow and white checked window seat pillow.

This Sunflower Yellow dinnerware set might be appealing to you if you like yellow and green. I particularly like the soup and salad bowl. It adds to the set. It is also hand-painted which you may view as a preference.

If gold and brown fit into your color theme, you are sure to find the hand-painted Gold Sunflower Collection appealing. I love the mugs that come with the 16-piece dinnerware set.

I remember when I was young, blue and white décor with sunflowers was popular. Back in those days, Corelle put out a sunflower dinnerware pattern called Sunsations. It was very lively and attractive, but it has since been retired.