Is a stoneware dinnerware set good for everyday use?

A high-quality stoneware dinnerware set is ideal for everyday dinnerware. Many casual dinnerware sets are made of stoneware.

Stoneware is generally durable. It is more resistance to scratching by silverware or flatware than basic ceramic dinnerware and pottery dinnerware. It is fired at a higher temperature than most earthenware and it is made with a higher grade of clay.

It is not as high in quality as porcelain dinnerware because the body of it is more porous and opaque rather than vitreous and translucent. Stoneware is usually thicker than porcelain and not as dainty as fine china dinnerware. Stoneware dishes are often referred to as semi-vitreous dinnerware.

The reason that I recommend stoneware for everyday use is that it is usually microwave safe, oven-proof, dishwasher-proof and it is perfectly safe for storing food in the fridge. This is the characteristics of dinnerware that most households need. Stoneware is also more chip resistance than earthenware, pottery dishes or lower quality ceramic dishes.

I have had many sets of stoneware and they are very practical for everyday use, even for a family with young kids or teenagers (still trying to decide which is worse on dishes). I have experienced a few chips in my stoneware dinnerware, but overall stoneware sets hold up pretty well and they are fairly inexpensive so you don't have to worry so much about broken dishes.

I personally like them because of the versatility in uses. If your household is like mine, where everyone isn't available to eat at the same time, you will love stoneware because you can put an oven-proof plate in the oven to keep the food warm for the latecomer.