Spode Dinnerware

Spode Dinnerware - Blue Room Collection

Spode dinnerware has been in production since 1760 when Josiah Spode I started his own pottery factory. The Spode pottery company was formerly established in 1770. Spode is remembered for perfecting the process of using blue under-glaze printing as well as developing an excellent formula for producing fine bone china - English china at its finest!

Dinnerware Patterns by Spode

Spode Dinnerware - Woodland Collection

Because Spode has been producing dinnerware for so long, you can always find antique china dinnerware or vintage dinnerware by Spode. The selections are enormous.

Their currently produced collections include:

Spode Dinnerware - Christmas Tree Collection

Personally, I like all of the dinnerware by Spode. The Baking Days collection is one of my favorites because it is just fun. For rustic dinnerware, the Woodland patterns offer a lot of options from pictures of elk to birds in the wild and a hunting dog.

The Christmas Tree collection is just perfect for holiday dinnerware. I like it because there are accessories of all kinds to match the dinnerware set.

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