Spode Christmas Tree Dinnerware

Spode Christmas Tree Dinnerware - Vintage Dinnerware

Spode Christmas Tree dinnerware is a very popular pattern of Christmas dinnerware. It was first introduced in 1938 by Spode and is still produced today by the Portmeirion Group, who purchased the Spode brand in 2009.

This pattern was specifically created for the United States market, and is known as the oldest holiday dinnerware pattern in the country. In 1999, this pattern was recorded as the best seller in the United States in regard to casual dinnerware patterns.

History of Spode Christmas Tree

These Christmas dinnerware sets have an interesting story that is reflected in slight pattern changes it has incurred over the years.

Spode Christmas Tree Vintage Dinnerware

The first pattern of this dinnerware, produced by Spode in 1938, featured a Christmas tree and the dinnerware had a green band. A crimson band pattern was also produced so there was a choice of green or crimson.

In later years, the pattern changed for a new look from time to time. When viewing vintage Christmas Tree dinnerware from Spode, you will see various shapes and borders made of green, crimson or red bands, or green lines and holly borders. You might even find some with a pink band. Some of the Spode Christmas Tree dinnerware pieces even feature a candy cane border, which is just adorable.

What is consistent about this Christmas dinnerware set, is the gorgeous Christmas tree and the festive ambiance that this holiday dinnerware brings to the table.

Christmas Dinnerware Sets

If you are looking for a Christmas dinnerware set, the Spode Christmas Tree pattern is top-notch. It is simply beautiful, the quality of the dinnerware is very good and the price is reasonable.

Today, this dinnerware is made of stoneware, also known as porcelain earthenware. The material is very durable and it is safe for use in the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and freezer. The current pattern features a Christmas tree adorned with decorations, gifts and holiday greens inside a green band.

A dinnerware set is the first step to creating an awesome collection of Spode Christmas Tree dinnerware.

Matching Accessories

Spode Christmas Tree Dinnerware Accessories

What I really like about long-produced patterns is that there are several serving accessories and decorating items that match the dinnerware and you can mix and match vintage dinnerware to bring the life of the pattern to the table. This pattern also looks great as a Christmas display to bring the atmosphere of holiday cheer to your home.

Spode Christmas Tree Dinnerware - Annual Dishes

Because this is a collectible pattern, there are annual collector plates and dishes that are a wonderful decorative addition for a holiday hostess.

Annual dishes feature the common Christmas tree pattern, but with unique aesthetics that change from year to year. For instance the 2012 annual plates have a yellow border with partridges, pears, red ribbon, and holly while the 2013 version features a two-tone red border decked with holly.

Spode Christmas Tree Ornaments and Home Decor

What is great about collectible holiday dinnerware is that you can usually find Christmas ornaments and holiday home decor that matches the pattern. This makes it easy to coordinate your home decor with the pattern of your favorite holiday dinnerware pattern.

Collecting Spode Christmas Tree

If you are looking at becoming a collector of this pattern, you might try shopping at estate sales, antique stores, swap meets, garage sales, and through online auctions. Some of the dinnerware replacement companies also carry this pattern where you can purchase items piece by piece.

To date the dinnerware, it is best to become familiar with the pattern changes and the backstamps that were used throughout the years.

Spode and Copeland Marks: And Other Relevant Intelligence

Spode & Copeland: Over Two Hundred Years Of Fine China And Porcelain (Schiffer Book for Collectors with Price Guide)

Spode (Shire Library)

These books will help you to identify and date authentic Spode Christmas Tree dinnerware patterns to create an awesome collection of this renowned dinnerware pattern of Christmas dinnerware.